Fashion Forward 8: What I’ve been wearing.

It’s been since February since I did a fashion post. I blinked and the time passed.

Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve been wearing.

This necklace, a birthday gift from my sister. Top is from Target. Smile is thanks to the sunshine.


I like the color of this dress but I HATE the slip that is attached to it. It is like the Rubik’s Cube of dresses. It takes me way too long to get the slip aligned so I can put it on. I’m THISCLOSE to donating it due to the high frustration factor. It’s from Old Navy (belt did not come with it). Jacket is thrifted.


I am on the fence about this outfit. I mean, it’s FINE, but it doesn’t feel like me. Shoes are Dansko’s. Skirt I bought at the Fremont Sunday Market (like an antique mall meets a craft fair meets a flea market). Top is from Target.


I love this color. This dress from Old Navy is super comfortable. I changed out the belt. (That yellow belt really gets around!) I like that I can change up the belt and shoes and accessories to make a different look.


Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day (today it’s gray again- welcome to Seattle!) and since I couldn’t spend the day on a sailboat, I wore them on my skirt. I’ve actually had this skirt sitting in my closet for months but it didn’t really fit and now it’s on its way to being too big so I better get some wear out of it, pronto. The problem with my wardrobe is that I have a terrible time finding shirts I like. Skirt is from Land’s End. Jacket is thrifted.

Every time Spring hits in Seattle I panic. Most of my dresses are sleeveless and I get through winter wearing leggings and sweaters with them. But once the sun comes out, wearing sleeveless dresses to work doesn’t gel with me so I feel at a loss when I try to get dressed in the morning. I’m on a mission to get a few versatile tops and sleeved dresses so I can get through the next few months.


15 thoughts on “Fashion Forward 8: What I’ve been wearing.

  1. I have that Old Navy dress! And it is a pain to put on. I was thinking of maybe snipping off that loopy thing that connects the slip to the rest of the dress, so they’re two separate pieces. That should work, right?

  2. That dress looks great! Can you carefully cut the slip off and wear your own separate slip instead? Or can you go without one?

  3. Have you tried for dresses — they have the cutest dresses and so many to pick from. Custom tailored to fit us “larger” women. I just ordered two and the quality is waaaaaaay better than most plus size clothing and the prices are reasonable. Plus, they have some cute vintage style dresses that I think you’d like.
    Check it out, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  4. I love every outfit (especially the boat skirt and the aqua dress) except the one you are on the fence about. It’s not doing it for me.

    How do you feel about cardigans? I have a lot of sleeveless stuff, too, and the cardigans make sleeveless more versatile.

    BTW, that necklace is to die for!

  5. I know..what is it with the sleeveless dresses all over the planet. I fall all over myself to get a dress with sleeves for winter or summer..because, let’s face it. I work inside and the AC is blasting….and in the winter so many short sleeved knit dresses..really. That’s silly too πŸ™‚

  6. That sailboat dress is TOO fun! I love it! It’s so quirky and cute.

    I agree on the third one. It does not seem you. All the others do though! That necklace from your sis is fab!

    I hope you find some springy things to wear that you like… and that you show them to us! πŸ™‚

  7. I know it’s super shallow, but I’d marry that aqua dress with the little yellow belt and probably have an affair with your kitchen.

  8. Love your style and the colors you pick so much!

    I think we must also have your weather because it will NOT stop raining over here. Which means I can’t wear my sandals!

  9. You’re such a fashionista! My favorite outfits were the last and second to last, and I really love your necklace in the first photo as well. I think we tend to use a lot of the same colors (pretty reds, turquoises, and purples)! πŸ˜‰

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