The only pregnant we are is pregnant with possibility.

Last week Mr. Darcy got a call about a job.

It was one of those situations where this company was sitting around talking about this new sci-fi game they want to create when a lead guy picked up a book put out by Mr. Darcy’s current employer and said, “We need to get THIS guy.” This guy as in, my incredibly talented fiance, Mr. Darcy. The book is full of his amazing concept drawings.

Pretty high compliment, right?

So he went to what he though was going to be a 30 minute initial interview that would hopefully lead to a longer interview the following week but it turned out to be a two hour conversation that ended in a job offer. When he got home I was full of questions. He looked a bit sheepish and said, “Well, I didn’t get $_____.” $__________ is the amount I told him was the bare minimum of what his talent was worth (he’s been paid pretty poorly so far). I said this not for us, because I want us to have more money but because in my opinion Mr. Darcy doesn’t always advocate for his worth and I really want him to get paid what he deserves.

I tried to shrug it off thinking, well, if this work environment is better than his current one then we all win and it doesn’t matter if he’s not making more. He’s been pretty depressed because of the toxic nature of his workplace and it’s affected our life together. I really just want to see him happy in a place that appreciates him and allows him some creative freedom.

But then he smiled and said, “They offered me $_________!” And it was about $18,000 more than he currently works and a lot more than I told him was his bare minimum.

Whoop! Woo! Holla!

But then we had to figure out what to do about the house loan. We’re in the middle of underwriting which means they are picking apart every little detail of our financial life. Any wrong move could jeopardize our loan which neither of us wants. I won’t sugar-coat it – there was a heated argument while we waited to hear from our lender about timing and approach. It wasn’t one of our finest moments but we have since recovered. We are, after all, under multiple stressors. Buying a house, planning a wedding, moving, training our replacements at the building, and now, starting a new job.

Mr. Darcy gave notice and he starts at his new company on June 4th. Three days before we close on our house. Four days before we move. To say that will be a big week for us is an understatement.

Yes, 2012 is shaping up to be a very big year for us.



34 thoughts on “The only pregnant we are is pregnant with possibility.

  1. That is awesome news.

    Totally unrelated, um, does Mr. Darcy play poker, by any chance? Does he know if someone is cheating? Just wondering.

  2. Sometimes I think it’s better to have all the changes happen all at once! (We, too, are about to go through some major ones — yes, even on top of the new baby!)

    Anyway, congrats! Exciting times!

  3. I loved the way you told this story. I totally thought Mr. Darcy had lowballed himself and now you had to figure out whether he should take the job or not. Hurrah for great job offers!

    I’m glad you were able to put the argument in the context of all the stressors and changes in your life right now. They are all good changes, but it is said that even positive events can bring a lot of stress. It might be some consolation for you to know that M. Hubby and I fought much more frequently in the early years of our marriage when things like unemployment were big stressors, and nowadays we hardly fight at all. Hopefully the blog, being in cyberspace, will give you a constant “home” while things are a-changin’.

  4. WOOHOO!! Congrats Mr. Darcy!!

    I know exactly what you mean about a crappy job being a stressor in a relationship. I’m so glad he found something else where he’ll not only be making more, but even more important, he will be happy! Mental/emotional happiness is SO important. Can’t stress that enough.

  5. Aren’t they checking your most recent paystubs, bank statements? How would a new job he starts in a couple weeks affect the loan you’re about to close really soon?

    Congrats to Darcy! I hope you guys can work it out to get all you deserve and more!

  6. Stupid wordpress gave me the wrong display name and won’t let me go back and change it on that comment. Oh well.

  7. Jen (and anyone else interested)- Yes but since he would not have two pay stubs (or even one!) to verify his income, we had to make sure that the underwriters would not ding us on that. Most of the time they want you to have worked there for at least a month. Luckily the job is in the same industry doing similar work and making more money so that was in our favor. They allowed us to use the offer letter and told us he should start before the closing date, not after like we thought, so they can call and verify employment/income.

  8. Woot! Congratulations to Mr. Darby! That IS a lot of big changes y’all are going through, but they all seem to be for the good. Just make sure to rest when you’re done:)

  9. YAAAAY! oh, what a great story! congrats, mr darcy!! what an amazing affirmation of your skills & talent & awesomeness – i think very few people can say they’ve been hired on the spot like that.

    that will be… wow. quite a week for you guys 🙂

  10. Gratz to Mr. Darcy. I would have just not said anything. I mean they have finished all the work checks by now… so what they do not know won’t hurt, right? Anyways glad it worked out and good luck.

  11. Congratulations to Mr. Darcy! And to you too. This is very exciting. Love how things are going so great for you two.

  12. YES! This is so so awesome! Congrats to Mr. Darcy! And congrats to you too on having the tough conversations (arguments) and making it through them 🙂

  13. WOW!!! Nothing like changing everything within weeks of each other. This conflict is life and how you overcome it are the things you laugh about later.

    Congrats for the both of you! and sadly, I wishing you were saying you were pregnant too!

  14. And the roller coaster crests another hill! Wow this is so exciting. Good timing with a new mortgage coming your way. I know it’s super stressful, but I’m sure someday you guys will look back on all this and smile (maybe not laugh, but at least smile).

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