My Weekend

Friday started off great. A short work day, a celebratory lunch out with colleagues, sunshine, a much-needed hair cut/color, and plans with friends that night.

I’m attempting to grow my hair out so I have some options for the wedding. When I say “grow my hair out” I do not mean long but rather, longer than it usually is for ME. I’m letting the sides and top grow out. We’ll see what I end up with. . . my hair grows really fast.

My hair is much redder than this photo indicates.

Saturday was book club or as I lovingly call it, baby club. Everyone in my book club has a kid under 9 months old. I definitely get my baby fix at those get togethers. And yes, I might suffer from a touch of baby fever. All in due time, friends. Let’s let us get married and enjoy our honeymoon first. Maybe we will get knocked up in Mexico.

Pictured starting top left: PJ, Ruby, Hank, Juniper.

Gah! They are all so flippin’ cute! I die.

I spent a couple hours training our replacements at the building. They will do great and the more I turn it over to them, the more I feel a small sense of relief. There is definitely a part of me that is looking forward to not having this second job.

Sunday we went to a pig roast and hung out with friends and family. I got to see this little guy (who is not so little, really).

Finn, a few months from turning six.

It was fun hanging out on the grass, soaking up some sun. We took a drive by our house (soon to be our house!) and saw they had completed the new roof which looks great. And that the grass and weeds have grown and so we better get on buying a lawn mower, stat. It’s been a weird limbo. . . It’s like we have to plan to move but it’s not 100% ours yet. The loan docs have not been signed. We don’t have the keys. We are getting a second inspection Wednesday to ensure all the work the seller said she’d do is up to par. Then when Mr. Darcy starts his new job on the 4th they will call to verify and we will sign all the paperwork. I think. Our lender isn’t the best about giving information. Oh and our former lender still has not sent us our refund check for the appraisal. If it’s not in our mailbox today, we’re going to have words. WORDS! Meanwhile, I’m collecting boxes and silently panicking about packing up our apartment. It feels daunting.

I felt okay Sunday night but somewhere around 6am, I started to feel very not okay. I was overcome with nausea and spent time alternating between the toilet and the bed. I’ll spare you the details but suffice it to say, I’m pretty sure I had food poisoning. I slept off and on until 2pm. I had a fever. I was afraid to eat anything because I didn’t want to throw it up again. (Sorry!) Mr. Darcy was a dreamboat and went to multiple stores trying to find supplies for me. I haven’t been eating grains or refined sugar for 5 weeks now but everything I was being told would help me had grain or sugar in it. Finally, I tried some miso and managed to keep that down. Then later I ate some crackers and an all fruit popsicle. My fever finally broke and I was able to sleep soundly all night. I’m exhausted from yesterday and still not up to eating a lot so I stayed home to rest up. I just know myself and realize that pushing myself to be ok before I am actually ok is not going to help anyone, especially me. The next two weeks are going to be very stressful so I might as well take it easy today while I can.

I will not be eating pork, collard greens, or drinking red wine any time soon. I can tell you that much. I’ve added it to the list of things ruined for me by puking. The list includes: seaweed salad, screwdrivers, and cookie dough ice cream.



10 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. OUF damn food poisoning! It’s AWFUL. Make sure you also get some electrolytes. Water won’t necessarily hydrate you well (but obviously never hurts to keep drinking it if you can). I really hope you keep feeling better and YES to staying home and resting!

    It looks like you had such a lovely time (minus the whole being sick thing)! Here’s to hoping there are no more bouts of sickness and that all goes well with the closing!

    Finn is adorable, by the way. Does he still call you tee-tee?

  2. Oh my goodness. Food poisoning is the worst. I am so sorry that happened to you. I know you were with me when I ate my first full meal after getting food poisoning back in December. That granola at Skillet is still one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. The aioli at Smith? Not so much; I’m off aioli FOREVER now.

    I hope you are on the mend today and you enjoy your day of rest. Love you so much.

  3. Sorry to hear your weekend was ruined by puke. That’s never fun, especially when it’s not preceded by a raucous night of drinking! But, I totally hear ya on food poisoning doing a number to your entire body. Between the violence that is puking and getting no energy because you’re not eating, it feels like death. Glad to hear you’re taking care of you … xoxo

  4. Oh man that sounds awful. I hope you’re feeling 100% soon. Also hope everything continues to fall into place nicely with the house! I’m sure it will.

    You’re totally getting pregnant on your honeymoon…and if she’s conceived in Mexico, you totally have to name her Carmen or Cabo or something. 🙂 Yes, I already think it’s a girl.

  5. Those babies are all sorts of cute! And Finn is so big! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Food poisoning sucks. I so know what you mean by “the list of things ruined for me by puking”, unfortunately, I have one of those lists too 😦

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