Tales from the Big Move: Friday

We managed to get every little thing packed up save for those last-minute things you need the morning of like underwear and a toothbrush. The piles of boxes took over our small apartment. I felt like a hoarder. A very tidy hoarder.

We got up early on Friday to finish taking down some curtains and to strip the bed and to do the dreaded task- wrangling the cats into their carriers. This is a procedure that takes careful maneuvering. Dash you can sneak up on and pick up pretty easily as he’s a bit slow and more of a cuddlebug so he’ll start purring the moment you touch him. Dot is his polar opposite. With her we have to be super clever and run our plan of attack by one another before we make a move. She’s a hyper-aware and the moment we even approach her, she’s running under something that makes it impossible for us to grab her. We managed to block the doors so she was forced to hiss at me as I grabbed her and held her away from my body (her claws were out and I’ve been bloodied by her before). We got them in the car and I drove them over to the new house. The entire car trip they cried these pitiful cries and then once we were in the house, the wouldn’t come out of the crates. Until this happened:

I left the room for a few minutes to unpack all our perishables into the fridge and came back to find this. They were so scared that despite having an entire room to roam, they piled themselves on top of each other into one crate. They have since ventured from the crates and out of that room and have set up camp under our bed sheets. They refuse to come out from under the covers all day long, until night time when we are trying desperately to sleep and they decide it’s time to CRAWL ALL OVER US and hey! let’s explore these boxes, fall into them, and have trouble getting out!

Cats are such assholes.

My favorite line maybe of this entire weekend was when Mr. Darcy woke up after our first night here and said, “I can’t wait until the cats acclimate. Last night was like sleeping in a bag of weasels.” It was a bit disconcerting to have cats slinking around under the covers all night, especially when you sleep in the buff. (Sorry for the visual.)

The movers we hired were worth every penny (locals: Adam’s Moving Services are awesome!). In under 3 hours they packed the truck and moved all our stuff into the new house. While Mr. Darcy handled all of that at the new place, I was back at our apartment doing some final cleaning and waiting for the house keeper we hired to show up.

She arrived 45 minutes late and didn’t know where to park. Uh, how about on the street? When I met her at the door she was carrying a vacuum, a hefty garbage bag with some things in it, and a brown paper bag with some other things in it. I was like, uh. . . where’s your mop or broom? The old place has hardwood floors throughout. She did not have a mop or a broom. WHAT KIND OF CLEANER IS THIS?! So I left my mop and broom for her and she said she’d call me when she was 30 minutes from being done. That was at 1pm. At 5:30 I still had no call so I called her and she said she had two more hours to go. WHA?! It’s a 1 bedroom apartment that I had preliminarily cleaned. What the fuck was she doing in there? Using a toothbrush to clean it??

Mr. Darcy, totally exhausted from the day, drove over there anyhow to pay her. When he arrived she had not done the floors, the oven, or the fridge. We were both livid and at our wits end. We finally just told her to go at 7 and paid her. Our real estate agent recommended this woman’s associate who assigned this woman to us and so we let our agent know how it all went down. She helped us get $60 cut off from the total bill (2 hours worth of work) and has offered to chip in towards the total since she feels badly about the bad rec. Apparently the woman she actually recommended cleans one of her properties- a 2 bedroom condo- in 4 hours with 2 people. So why it took this woman 6 hours to clean a 1 bedroom is beyond me. She might have tried to wash the walls which I did not ask her to do since they are being painted. Regardless, that was a big mess and we were both so fed up by the end of it.

We had a good deal of trouble with our keys and locks when we first arrived at the new place, so much so that we had to remove the doorknob from the back door so we could get it to open for the movers to bring the stuff in. We were going to get the place re-keyed anyhow since it was originally an auction sale that the seller flipped so who knows how many people could have keys. Instead of waiting until the weekend was over we were forced to get a locksmith out on Saturday to rekey 9 locks. There is still some work that needs to be done since the problematic doorknob was installed incorrectly and turns the wrong way. Same for a lot of the light switches. There are many that flip on when they should be flipping off. The joys of home ownership slapped us right in the face!

But seriously, we are in love with our house. I’ll be detailing the move in a couple of posts this week. There is much to share and photos too. This place is so quiet. I can hear birds chirping. It’s glorious.

Us, in front of our new house. We look like grown ups, right? (Photo credit: my sister, Dokey)


22 thoughts on “Tales from the Big Move: Friday

  1. You tease! Show us more of the house!!!

    I hope Dash and Dot get acclimated soon too. They are too cute on top of each other in their carrier!

    Sorry you had to deal with that pita cleaner 😦

  2. Moving is such a pain in the ass. Thankfully, it’s a once-in-a-long-time ordeal, so you won’t have to turn around and do it again tomorrow night. The guy who gut rehabbed our building made a bunch of stupid, cheap labor mistakes. Half of the light switches in our place, you flip up to turn off … oh, and the locks were all upside down, too. I just don’t understand how people can be so dumb! Just remind yourself – those are the simple fixes. If everything else is working well, you’re lucky! =)

  3. “Last night was like sleeping in a bag of weasels.” Thanks for the laugh; I needed it. I hope the cats feel comfortable enough to venture out soon.

  4. The hardest thing about my move three years ago was the cats. Movers showed up and I still didn’t have one cat in a carrier. And just like yours, when they arrived at the new place they ended up in one carrier together. Took one of my cats 12 hours to leave the carrier. After a few days she adjusted to the move and now she has her daily routine as she follows the sun’s transit. Dash and Dot will adjust in no time. Can’t wait to see what you have done with the new place.

  5. SO! EXCITING! i mean, crappy about the annoying stuff (like locks and weasel-beds) but YAY IT IS YOUR HOUSE and you can fix it whenever and however you like πŸ™‚

  6. Congrats!!! Now’s the fun part!! ( the crazy German in me loves the clean-slatedness of unpacking in a new place)

  7. What a sucky housekeeper that was! When we moved to our new house, my mum and my grandma cleaned our rental property for us. They did an amazing job. Moving is super stressful, but you guys were pretty organized, well done. So excited for you!

  8. Uh, six+ hours to clean a one bedroom??? I could have come out there and done it in WAY less time. What was she doing? Napping in between a wipe down?

    But you are moved in and DONE! Yay!

    You’re going to keep finding weird things in there. We find stuff almost daily that we never noticed when we first looked at the place and I sort of want to smack myself, but then who looks THAT closely? Start little by little make it your own and don’t worry, those fixes can be done.

    Woo! This is exciting!

  9. I cannot even stand how excited and proud and happy and much more! for you! and Mr D! and the cats! and the family! and me when I come visit in your GUESTROOM! wee!!!!

  10. The picture of the cats on top of each other plus your “cats are assholes” line plus Mr. Darcy’s weasel comment had me rolling over here. I remember driving my cats to Mr. W’s house when I moved and it was TORTURE. They sounded like dying cattle in the car. I bought this pheromone spray for the house, though, and that seemed to calm them down. Oh and catnip.

    So excited for you guys. The place looks so cute! I can’t wait to see pics of it after you’re settled. It seems like SUCH a great space!

  11. Grown ups indeed!! Congrats on surviving the move.
    Moving is such a horrible pain in the ass, but you have a beautiful clean slate to start with at the new house.
    Bag of weasels made me laugh out loud. I cannot imagine my husband allowing any animal under our covers, most especially if his tenders were unprotected!

  12. Oh, homeownership. It is grand and annoying at once and all the time, I think. I am so excited you’re THERE, though. And I can’t wait to see it one day!

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