Tales from the Big Move: Saturday

I managed to find the nearest grocery store and stock us up on essentials. Everyone at our local Safeway is so nice. There were no hipsters anywhere. It was odd but I didn’t mind it.

The locksmith came and re-keyed Fort Knox. A total of nine locks were re-keyed- two on back door, four on the front door, one on the garage and two in the basement. And that was not even all the actual locks available! The front door has a screen door that locks as well as an actual door. I’m jazzed about the screen door even if it is not sized correctly and there is a gap at the bottom. The back door is the one with the door knob put on the wrong way (the one we had to remove so the movers could get in that way). I’d like to replace it someday with a door that has a window in it or a Dutch door. I love Dutch doors (and French doors). After forking over more of our money (bye, bye savings!), we decided to do the next logical thing and go to IKEA.

We restrained ourselves somewhat (I wanted to buy ALL THE THINGS) and got some curtain sheers, some tension rods, two massive glass cabinets for Mr. Darcy to display his nerditry, towels, a lamp, curtain rods and well, as you can see. . . we aren’t that good at self-restraint. It’s amazing how much stuff you need when you move. I still need drawer organizers. Right now a lot of my kitchen stuff is just in plastic bags in a big drawer. I’m ashamed.

We have these big windows in our living room that are amazing and also very challenging to find curtain rods that extend that length. We did find some at IKEA that even had a curve at the corner so it would look continuous. Of course as we were putting them up, we discovered we grabbed the wrong size. Exhausted and disappointed, I said we should just give up for the night but Mr. Darcy had a second wind and insisted on returning to IKEA. Luckily we are only 12 miles from it and apparently the customer service waiting area has very comfy chairs. Please remind me that he did that the next time I complain about Mr. Darcy. He got the curtain rods up and hung the curtains and we had some semblance of privacy. HUZZAH!

Here are some photos of the house before we took over it with all our boxes and stuff.

This is what you see when you enter from the front door. There is a fireplace on the right. The dining room is ahead and the kitchen is off to the left of that. Where that pole is starts the hallway where 3 rooms branch off. At the end of that is a bathroom.

You’ve seen this kitchen already but here it is again. The cabinets are so deep we had to buy a step stool to keep under the sink. The sink, btw, looks out over the backyard. It even has one of those soap dispenser thingies built into the counter top!

The 3 rooms upstairs are carpeted. This is a glimpse into the guest room. It could have been the master bedroom but we took the downstairs basement room even though the window is not technically big enough for it to be considered a bedroom. The entire house is painted in this beige/tan color. The carpets are beige. I am a girl who loves color, surrounded by beige.

As of Tuesday night, the upstairs living room/dining room was cleared of 99% of the boxes. Let’s not discuss the three bedrooms that look like bombs went off in them. We’ll get to those later. It’s just nice to have a space where there are no boxes after being surrounded by them for weeks. This is not how we will configure the living room furniture nor have we put down our awesome new rug but it’s livable for now and it makes us happy.

More sneak peeks to come. . .


12 thoughts on “Tales from the Big Move: Saturday

  1. LOVE IT!

    The good thing about beige is that you can paint over it and add your own color. You should see the awfulness that the owner before us painted some of the walls…it’s AWFUL.

    And yay for the awesomeness of Mr. Darcy!

  2. So exciting! Home decorating is my true passion, I just need a huge cash windfall and a bigger house to keep fueling it 🙂 Congratulations again to you both!

  3. SO cute! Those wood floors are gorgeous!

    I am wondering what kind of nerditry Mr. Darcy has to display in those glass cases you speak of…

  4. Congrats on your new move! I moved May 29th to a much bigger apt across the hall from where I was. I’m also back to blogging about my new life too.

  5. Moving is definitely a process. The bad news is there are lots of steps. The good news is you get to celebrate each little milestone as its achieved! I love these little peaks into your life and your home … so excited for you and to hear more of this adventure!

  6. That Mr. Darcy is a good man.

    Your place is very adorable! At least beige is easy to paint over and is mildly unoffensive, even to those of us who love color. Better to live with that for a little while than a color you absolutely hate.

  7. Ooo, I am excited to see Mr. Darcy’s nerdery display!

    I love your place! Wood floors! YES!

    Is the basement room the biggest? Is that why you decided to make that the master?

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