Let’s Wrap This Up

You guys? I’m just going to skip Sunday because, hell!, it is already Friday and life is passing us by as I recount the past. Let me get you up to speed.

We bought a house.

We invested the majority of our savings on the down payment and extras like- a locksmith to rekey 9 locks because we apparently live in Fort Knox, a house cleaner who showed up without a mop or broom, an awesome moving service, and Wednesday, a handyman to remove our door frames so we could get our washer and dryer through two doors to the laundry room.

Yep, after a freak out because the delivery guys from Home Depot were standing there in our downstairs living room with a washer and dryer that couldn’t fit through the door (by like 1/8 of an inch!) telling me that I had to break the frame to get the machines through, I decided to send them on their way and call for help. Luckily, our fantastic agent had a great recommendation who came over yesterday to remove the door frames and install the machines and while he was here he removed all the ghetto wires hanging from our gutters and the DirecTV satellite dish from the roof because we’re not going to go with that service (even though the majority of our neighbors seem to).

I’d tell you about our Comcast fiasco but I do not feel like reliving it. I will say it took about 10 Comcast customer service people and 48 hours to get our cable and internet working.

And as I type this, our first load of laundry is in the washer and I’m sitting on my couch in my living room watching SYTYCD and having a glass of wine. In our house!

Finn loves our new house and was over last weekend to show us his sweet dance moves (or do some bridge pose).

And look who has come out from hiding?

Every time I am walking behind Dash down the stairs I laugh because watching a chubby cat run down the stairs is hilarious. He’s probably going to lose some weight (finally).

Life is good.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Wrap This Up

  1. Sounds divine!!! Yay! (Well minus the initial stuff and Comcast can go to hell. Don’t get me started on cable companies.)

    Um, can we possibly get a wee video of Dash going down the stairs? Puh-leeease??

  2. That picture of Finn is classic. And you kind of make me want to add a random staircase in our house just so my cat has a place to exercise!

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