Dash: The Stair Master

I managed to capture Dash waddling down the stairs and had to share. Please note: this video contains the word anus as well as a cat butt.


This is the first time in his life where he’s encountered stairs so I cut him a little slack. At this rate, he’ll be fit and slim in no time!

11 thoughts on “Dash: The Stair Master

  1. I love how slowly he walks down them, like a toddler just learning to navigate stairs. When we moved from a 1-story to a 2-story, our cats actually did slim down quite a bit!

  2. Once he starts slimming down, then you get the amusing sight of the slackening belly swinging wildly from side to side when he walks. I love a chubby cat. My dog is rail-thin, but my cat is a little butterball.

  3. Hey Siz … I was going thru your LINK LOVE and barely got thru the “B’s” and most are either no longer up and running or their last post was in 2008 or 2010. When was the last time you visited these links???

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