Wedding Outfit: Decisions Have Been Made

I purchased three pairs of shoes for my wedding.

Before you start calling me a shoe glutton, I can explain. I couldn’t make up my mind! And so I bought all three to try them on with my dress because I am nothing if not practical.

After careful consideration and hearing multiple people’s opinions, I have decided on the winning wedding shoe.

They are teal with a green pom pom. I like the t-strap and think it adds a little sex appeal. Plus, the pop of color in an otherwise white outfit will spice things up. And! it can count towards my “something  blue”. Of course I like the most expensive of the three. Oh Anthropologie, your stuff is so pretty and so expensive!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing these next shoes during the reception. They are incredibly comfortable, re: excellent dancing shoes.

The third pair of shoes are these:

Which are so, so, so cute but not the right style for the wedding. I should return them right? And use that money on other necessaries like an engagement photo shoot outfit? Someone please be the voice of reason because my voice of reason is taking a nap.

I also made a bold decision about my jewelry. I have been procrastinating on purchasing anything because I’ve been see- sawing on whether I want big earrings or a big necklace. I know, I know! I had you guys all vote ages ago. All the options seemed either too casual or too ordinary for me. I tend to wear big, bold jewelry and I want to feel like myself on my wedding day. Then I saw this necklace:

And BAM! my decision was made. It’s from a site called Happily Ever BorroWED that you can rent accessories from- how smart is that? I didn’t want to spend a lot of money  on something I would potentially never have a chance to wear again so renting is the ideal option for me. I think it’s going to look awesome with my dress. I might get tiny diamond (ish) studs to wear in my ears for a little sparkle too.

Oh and, to round my outfit out, I purchased this bolero from Etsy:

And with that, I’m pretty much done with my wedding outfit. Someone please high five me.


29 thoughts on “Wedding Outfit: Decisions Have Been Made

  1. I absolutely love the teal shoes! When I think back to my wedding outfit, the ONLY thing I sort of hated was the shoes. I wound up getting very bridal, very boring white satin shoes. And I ditched them right after the ceremony in favor of flip flops. So, I’m glad you’re indirectly learning from my mistakes (hahaha). You’re going to look gorgeous on your wedding day!

  2. Something Old, Something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Sounds like you have everything covered.
    High Five Girlfriend!

    btw – yeah, return those last shoes, you really need to spend that money on… something else.
    Yay – so exciting!

  3. Excellent! I love the shoes you chose. I had the hardest time picking my shoes – I also think I purchased three different pairs. NOT TO ENABLE YOU…but what about wearing those other shoes to your rehearsal dinner?

  4. High five! You are SO on top of everything–I am envious! 🙂
    LOVE all of your choices. You’re going to be so gorgeous/fun/unique!

  5. heidikins got there before me – i was also going to suggest that you “need” the 3rd pair of shoes for your engagement shoot 🙂

    man i LOVE everything so far!! your wedding is going to be SO SO VERY fashionable & unique & awesome 🙂

  6. LOVE the wedding shoes. Can’t really tell anything about the reception shoes. Return the 3rd pair. 🙂 Also, love the rental necklace.

  7. Oh wow, it’s all so beautiful. I am especially in love with the shoes… they are so romantic and feminine. I love the color, too.

  8. i so wish i had known about the jewelry borrowing site for my wedding. i really wanted a bold necklace but just couldn’t justify the price of so many of them.

    but ah! love your whole outfit, you’ll look absolutely lovely!

  9. You make me wish I would have worn cuter shoes! 🙂 And the bolero is just the best. I can’t wait to see you all decked out.

    The jewelry rental thing is brilliant, too. My cousin rented her dress, which was a big money saver. I’m still hoping one of my nieces will wear mine some day!

  10. High five! Great choices all around. And I would totally keep that third pair of shoes. You know you will wear them. And with that, I must go see if I can find them in my size.

  11. You are on a roll! I love it all! I love the trend of wearing colored shoes under the dress. I wish I would have done that!

  12. When the picture came through for your green shoes, I was at my mother’s office. My mother feel in love with them and half the staff. I love the jewelry choice as well! I am soo excited for you!:)

  13. I love the necklace. As soon as I saw it, I thought it was just right for you! I think it will work better than the earrings, all of which I liked but none of which was a slam dunk like the necklace!

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