Strumming: Fulfilling a Life-long Dream

Long time readers might recall that back in July of ’09 I bought an acoustic guitar from a vacating tenant and named her Etta. She sat, rarely touched, in my apartment for years. So sad! Months ago I purchased a Group On type deal for four guitar lessons and then promptly forgot I’d bought it.

So much for fulfilling my life-long dream of being a musician.

An email alerted me that the deal was about to expire. The timing could not have been worse for me to start because it was smack in the middle of all the packing and house buying and moving but I didn’t want to waste the deal. I was nervous at first, like I am whenever I start something new that I am not sure I will be good at, but now I’ve come to look forward to Monday’s at 5:30.  I’ve had four lessons so far and just signed up for more because I’m hooked. It’s fun! And I like that I can see from week to week that I am improving.

This rocker type dude who is probably younger than me is my teacher. We meet in this old house that’s been converted into music rooms. At any given time there are multiple lessons going on so it’s a cacophony of instruments being played at all different levels. My teacher is perpetually running over on time. I don’t think we’ve ever started or ended on time. After the 3rd time it happened I wondered if I was cut out to be a musician because I’m so type A. But apparently my perfectionism comes in handy when learning though because I correct myself before he does and I am able to pick up off notes readily. It also helps that I am double jointed in my fingers because I can stretch into complicated chords. After my fourth lesson, my teacher gave me props and basically said that I show a lot of promise.

I might have beamed a little.

I have learned the beginnings of songs like: Back in Black, Wild Thing, and now am on to House of the Rising Son.We’re getting into chords and I am geeking out over it. It’s so cool!

I don’t have aspirations of being a singer/songwriter. I’m just hoping to get good enough to be able to learn some songs that I can bust out for sing-a-longs or at the holidays with family and friends. I’ve always wanted to play guitar and it feels good to be committed to learning, to have something to practice, to challenge myself at something that takes dedication.

The running joke is this photo will be my album cover which will be a album of cover songs. I’m taking requests starting now but let’s stick with some simpler riffs, please. I’m still a beginner!


16 thoughts on “Strumming: Fulfilling a Life-long Dream

  1. Sally Cinnamon. What happened to your old guitar? I wrote one of the best songs I have ever written on that guitar!

  2. That picture is gorgeous. Seriously. And aren’t musical instruments supposed to be good for stress relief? I think this new hobby will come in handy for ya as the wedding draws nearer.

  3. My personal Rock Star has been making his regular money teaching 30+ students three days a week for the past nine years. Almost all of his favourite students have been the older ones, they are more focused, practice more, and generally “more human and not little shitheads” [we’re not kid people].
    I asked him good beginner songs and he suggested: Jewel (even though he hates this song, her “You Were Meant For Me” is super easy to learn; Adele (particularly “Crazy for You” and “Rolling In the Deep”); White Stripes ” We’re Going To Be Friends”; Bob Dylan (or any version) of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”; Elliot Smith’s “Needle in the Hay”; “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac….he could go on and on and on….and on…
    Good luck!! And good for you for learning something new!!

  4. Go sizzle! I love this! Love the pic, and love that you want to have sing-a-longs! The dork in me thinks that is so so so so fun. And I want a video of you playing! 🙂

  5. Oh! I have a guitar and have been saying that I want to take lessons now that I’m back at home. You’ve inspired me to sign up!

    LOVE that photo of you.

  6. That’s such a beautiful photo of you! If you’re taking requests, I’d ask if your first album can be called “Type A and Double Jointed”- it just has a ring to it 😉

  7. I hate that you are playing an instrument. I hate that you are planning a wedding. I really dislike that fact that you purchased a house. Okay, okay. NONE of that is true. What I hate is that you are sooo busy you don’t have time to post, and your stories make me smile!

  8. Oh wow, that’s awesome. Good on you for starting on the road to learning the instrument, that’s part of the hurdle – and sticking to it is the other. Best of luck – and remember to keep enjoying it, if practicing ever gets really cumbersome, take a break and try another approach like going back to what inspired you to play in the first place. Never lose your enjoyment for it!

    P.S – I LOVE the banner for your blog, it’s so fun and attractive!

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