DIY Buffet (because calling it a “buffet” sounds fancy)

When we were living at the apartment, we’d come across all manner of items left for “free” outside our dumpster area. Most of the time it was annoying and an eye sore. (Newsflash: No one will take your soggy mattress! Which is why you left it there, isn’t it?) But this one time as Mr. Darcy and I were headed to our cars we spied a piece of furniture that had been tucked away at the back of our alley. On closer inspection it was a decent piece of furniture and so I somehow convinced Mr. Darcy to help me haul it into the maintenance room right that second (it was raining) (we do live in Seattle so that goes without saying).

Fast forward to present day. The buffet, as I like to call it, sits nicely in our dining room area adjacent to the back door. We could have kept it the original blue color but I am trying this more minimal decor thing out. My fashion colors can be wild and bold but my house doesn’t have to be. Having moved from such cramped quarters, everything is now spread out in our huge house and I kind of like it. Maybe cozy clutter wasn’t really my design esthetic but rather a result of my small surroundings?

It was a nice sunny day and I convinced Mr. Darcy to embark on a project with me. Again, not sure how I got him to agree but I think it has something to do with my breasts. Mr. Darcy seemed skeptical that a joint DIY project would be fun. How could it not? Togetherness! Painting! Sunshine!

Doors & shelves removed. Mr. Darcy is still in his skeptical phase.

Mr. Darcy uses paint on an almost daily basis so I tend to let him take the lead as The Expert when it comes to such things. Unless we are talking about paint colors. Then the gloves come off. He’ll quote the color wheel and I’ll rely on emotion-based tactics to explain the difference between teal and aqua. Again, the fact that we decided on wedding colors in a 2 minute conversation still astounds me.

Anyhow, I’d decided to go with white because our walls are beige (Mr. Darcy would call them some other color, I’m sure) and I wanted some lightness in the room. We sat in the sun slopping on paint, listening to the quiet of our neighborhood. It was very zen. After a couple of coats, it was almost done. I’d bought a spray sealer and as we sat waiting for our final coat to set I asked Mr. Darcy about it.

Me: “After this is dry we should apply the gloss, right?”

Him: “Yes, except we did not buy gloss.”

Me: “Yes we did. It’s right there.”

Him: “It’s not gloss though. It will not have a shine.”

Me: “Oh, okay.”

A minute later.

Me: “After we apply the gloss we can just leave it out here to dry and move it inside later tonight.”

Him: “Sure. Except it is not gloss.”

Me: (Giggling) “Right! I meant. . . spray. What do I call it?”

Him: “Satin sealer.”

Me: “Got it.”

A few minutes later.

Me: “We should probably apply the gloss right now.”

Him: “Ok, but it’s still not gloss.”

Me: (collapsing in a fit of laughter, tears running down my face)

Him: “I want you to manage your expectations. It’s not going to be glossy.”

Me: (still laughing)

Despite my terminology confusion, the buffet turned out rather nice.

I’m pondering a simple design on the doors and am on the search for new handles for the doors/drawer.

Mr. Darcy even proclaimed that he’d finally found something I don’t over-think and am not super meticulous at. (He means this as a compliment.) Not that I do a sloppy job at painting but more so that I just dive in and do it without spending an inordinate amount of time considering what could go wrong (which is generally my M.O.). He said he found it enjoyable to paint with me. HUZZAH! This is perfect! Because I want to paint my craft room this weekend.

16 thoughts on “DIY Buffet (because calling it a “buffet” sounds fancy)

  1. Nice work!
    And, not to minimize anything from yesterday, but if you all can DIY together, I firmly believe there is NOTHING you cannot do. 🙂

  2. “It was a nice sunny day and I convinced Mr. Darcy to embark on a project with me. Again, not sure how I got him to agree but I think it has something to do with my breasts.” Ha, ha, ha! That’s great!
    Love the buffet, what a great find. And can’t wait to see pics of your craft room once it’s complete. Or before it’s complete. Or anytime in between.

  3. Looks great! I’m super jealous, I’m currently on the hunt for a buffet-style something to convert into an entertainment center.

  4. I just shed a tear over the fact that you have a craft room to paint. Lucky!!

    This buffet is super cute! What a great find. I have a tendency to get certain terms (like gloss) stuck in my head, too. The other night we were going all healthy and making quinoa for dinner – but I called it farro like six times. Mr. W corrected me every time and finally was like “WHY do you keep calling it that?!”

    Ah, amour.

  5. This sounds like the most peaceful afternoon. And I love Mr. D out there taking the lead and you not over-thinking. Win, win, win. That’s a lot harder than it sounds, I know. At least for me it is – I’d like everyone to get out of the way while I go ahead and do it the right way. Can’t wait to see the new buffet in your love nest.

  6. It is so awesome that you two were able to do a project like this together – even if you did not get gloss. LOL. I really struggle with projects with Steven since he is such a perfectionist… and I am impatient.

    It turned out great! I am excited to see the finishing touches 🙂

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