Engagement Photo Shoot Outfit: Help Me Decide

So, despite surgery looming large on Friday, life continues on at its hectic pace. We’ve got our engagement photo session tomorrow night (or 7/25 depending on when you read this) and I can’t seem to figure out what to wear. Mr. Darcy will, of course, be wearing jeans and a shirt because he lives in that outfit. I have, however, convinced him not to wear the sweatshirt he’s usually in. And by convinced I mean instructed.

I don’t want to look too dressed up but I also want to look like me. I wear dresses 98% of the time and so I’ve picked three that I think could work. We have tentatively planned to meet our photographers at our old apartment building to start the photo shoot. The building is old with a lot of character and played a major roll in our relationship. Then we’ll probably walk around the old ‘hood since it’s full of charm and personality (like us!). I don’t want to wear uncomfortable shoes is what I’m getting at. If it were up to me I’d wear my beat up boots but they don’t really flatter the leg so my vanity is winning out.

Here are the three options I’m considering though not with all the accessories. You can vote for your favorite up until 4pm Wednesday, July 25th and then I have to pick one and head to the shoot!

Option 1: Green Lace Dress

Pros: Got a lot of compliments on it, it’s comfortable, it’s a great green color.

Cons: It’s a little baggy at the top, it doesn’t do much for my chest, it gets easily snagged.

Option 2: Yellow & Gray Dress

Pros: It’s got pockets, it’s new, short sleeves, IT HAS POCKETS.

Cons: The color might wash me out.

Option 3: Teal Dress

Pros: it’s comfortable and a vibrant color with pockets.

Cons: It seems blouse-y in the chest.

Out of these three (give or take the shoes/belts/lack of jewelry) which would you pick for me to wear?


30 thoughts on “Engagement Photo Shoot Outfit: Help Me Decide

  1. Are these outdoor shots? I like 1, but think 3 is pretty too, and much more versatile if you’re outdoors…especially if he is wearing jeans. I think the color really suits you, and love the shoes! (I love 2, but too much competition for expressions/hair/YOU. And really? It’s the expressions between the two of you that will make these photos great. :))

  2. I like option 1 the most – I think the colour is the most flattering on your skin tone and the cut goes very well with your hair style. The second one is also great, though I’m not sure how the print would come out in the photos and with the backgrounds etc. You can only choose that.

    In regards to the shoes – I wear comfy shoes most of the time too and they are extremely important to me and in your case, you don’t want to be standing in them for ages and not enjoying your shoot. But, just in case there’s a pair you’d really like to use, you could take them with you in a bag and put them on just for the pics.

  3. I ended up voting for number 2. My actual favorite of the dresses was number 1; I just didn’t like the belt on number 1. No. It’s just that the belt calls out the bad fit on the top. And I hadn’t even thought about backgrounds. Obviously solid colors are the way to go so 1 or 3. But I like the color of 1 better. Oh yeah. I have a friends and relatives who work in the fashion industry. Wear 1. And use clothespins, rubber bands, whatever in the back to correct the fit. Because that’s what they do on photo shoots when the clothes don’t quite fit the model. It’s all about alterations — even if they are temporary.

  4. I really like the second one, but I can see where it might not be the best for engagement photos. I voted for the third one – just a great outfit altogether. You look fantastic!

  5. I prefer the fit and style of 2 but patterns notoriously don’t photograph well so I chose 3 which has the most flattering color and will photograph well. The first one may be too frou frou with Mr. Darcy’s jeans and t-shirt…

    Can’t wait to see the final result!

  6. But I love them allllll! I voted for 1, but 3 was close. I like solid colors for photographing, but love the lace detail of 1.
    P.S. One day we WILL shop together. And by that I mean we will go to stores and I will buy what you tell me to buy. 🙂

  7. I think #3 is the winner. Not just because I like that combo the best, but because Mr Darcy is in the photo too (fate!). =) (PS, I actually think I like the dress in #2 the best – super cute – but, think bold pattern will be too busy for engagement photos, where the focus should be on you and Mr D!).

  8. You look great in all of them, but the summeriness of option number two is the best! So pretty and colourful!

  9. I really like #2, but if your background(s) are going to be busy – #1 or #3 might be the safest… I think #1 looks the best w/your hair, but #3 is a beautiful color on you… Regardless of what you where – you guys will look great! 🙂

  10. They are all adorable! But, I really like the third one on you best! I can’t wait to see the photos when you get them back–you’re so adorable!

  11. I went with the third one. I think the color of the third (AND THE SHOES) will look amazing in engagement photos. I love both of the other dresses, but I think the first one will be a severe contrast to Mr. Darcy’s ensemble, and I think the second one just won’t “pop” as much in pictures. Though, I do really, really love it.

    Oh, dear. I’m so unhelpful. No matter what, you’ll look fantastic! I can’t wait to see the e-photos!!!

  12. Three is the best for you. However, do not clash with what Chris wears. Option 2 would probably clash with him. But I almost picked Option 2. I did not like the lace. But it’s your choice. It’s your photo. Your memory. Not ours.

    Will keep you in my prayers on Friday.

  13. I voted for 1, but you look cute in all of them! I think nothing flatters my chest–just pose with your elbows under the girls and get them into position. ha!!
    ps, i LOVE that we can see Mr Darcy grinning at you in the mirror in the last photo. Adorable!

  14. I love that Mr D is helping you take pics.
    Also, what about the bird? (eshakti) dress that I love on you ???

  15. I like #2 the best but the it might not be the best color choice to POP in photos. In case, you are not back before Friday. Good wishes and speedy recovery to you. I was thinking of you yesterday and wondered how you were doing. Hope darkness is not looming over on your happy time.

  16. I saw the red shoes and red belt and yeah, that wins it over for me! #2 definitely washes you out. So if you don’t go with #3 then go with #2. Looooved that option too.

    You’ll have to show us a few engagement pics you know that right? 🙂 (Post surgery and recovery of course!)

  17. I like option 1 & 3 the most – they’re a similar colour so that’s probably not surprising! I think I prefer option 3 by a slim margin. I must say I don’t particularly care for the yellow shoes with Dress #1… I think it clashes with the belt & dress colour, I think it would be better with a pair of shoes that match the belt colour or maybe the red shoes even! But great dresses, I would like any of them on you in your photos, can’t wait to see how they turn out 🙂

  18. I like option one, because I love the color on you, goes really well with your hair, and IMO it’s the most flattering on you. It seems a little dressier than the last one too. I agree with the 2nd option, the color looking a bit pale.
    So, that’s my two cents. Good luck tonight! And I’ll be saying a prayer for you for surgery tomorrow.

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