Finn Turns Six (Where did the time go?)

Dear Finn,

Today is your 6th birthday.

It hardly seems possible that you could be going into first grade. You’ve grown so much in the past year. You’re so tall and strong. You love dancing and get so serious when you sing Justin Bieber songs. I can’t wait to see you bust your sweet dance moves on the dance floor at my wedding or watch you walk down the aisle in your tux, holding our rings. You’re so good-natured, sweet, funny, and adventurous. You’re sensitive and take it to heart when people to laugh at you, even when it’s in good spirit. You have a big heart for such a little guy.

I remember that little boy I taught to say “wassup” with a hand gesture which feels like just yesterday. Time is so fleeting, sweet boy. You’ll understand this someday but for now I hope you can relish in all the joy life has to offer. Nothing reminds me to be grateful and happy like seeing you laughing. Watching you grow up is one of the greatest pleasures in my life.

I love you more than I can say.


Your TeeTee


8 thoughts on “Finn Turns Six (Where did the time go?)

  1. …but, he was just a toddler!!! they do grow up so fast…
    happy birthday, kid. you got lotsa love around you 🙂

  2. I love me some Finn. Hope he has the best birthday ever. I cannot believe I’ve been following you Sizzle for as long as he’s been alive and a little bit longer from his birth. Seven or eight years I believe now…

  3. ^ That means I have been following you just as long or longer!! P’s brother and new sister-in-law are moving to Seattle in a couple weeks. I hope that means we get to make an adventure out West sometime in the near future!

    Happy Birthday to Finn. I hope he gives you lots of special Tee-Tee kisses while you are recovering!

  4. Aww, so sweet. As we became auntie’s the same year, you know my nephew is six now, too. Crazy how fast it’s gone. Such precious time. Happy birthday to Finn!

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