East Coast Celebration

We flew back to New Jersey for the weekend. Yes, you read that correctly. We flew out Friday and returned Sunday. I wouldn’t normally recommend this time frame for an East Coast trip but since the future in-laws were throwing us a wedding shower, purchasing our plane tickets plus one for my Mom, and putting us up, how could we say no?

After a 3.5 hour flight delay, we boarded a janky US Airways plane and suffered through a 5 hour flight where in two new mothers talked excessively loudly for three hours of it about their birthing experiences while their children were perfect peaches, barely making a peep. And no, these women had never met before this flight.

It’s been hard for me to be around pregnant women or babies. Kind of makes my heart ache more.

We got in so late we had to get a hotel room for the night but since we hadn’t had any dinner and it was 9pm to us since our bodies were on West Coast time, we took my mom to the hotel bar and got her tipsy while snacking on a bar mix of nuts and puffy rice. Within 5 minutes the bartender said “wudder” instead of “water” (cute) and talked to us about the Kardashians. Oh, New Jersey!

Saturday was the wedding shower brunch party so we spent the day at my future sister-in-law’s house (it was HER birthday that day but she threw us a party) hanging out with friends and family, laughing and catching up. It was great to meet so many of Mr. Darcy’s people, many of whom I’d heard countless stories about. My mom had a blast swapping stories with Mr. Darcy’s parents and their friends. The food was delicious (future brother-in-law is an excellent cook), the party decor matched our wedding colors to the letter (I thank future niece-in-law for that since she is a stickler for such things and she loves organizing things and is a voracious reader so basically she’s a smaller version of me), and everyone enjoyed this delicious and adorable cake:

They used the front of our wedding invitations for the cake design. How cool is that? Mr. Darcy and I got to cut the cake and feed each other (nicely) AND eat each other’s faces. How often do you get to say you ate your fiance’s face? (His face was delicious by the way.) We aren’t having cake at our wedding so it was fun to play along with the cake feeding ritual at the shower.

Before we knew it, it was Sunday and we had to head back home to Seattle. Despite being our shortest visit on record and feeling utterly exhausted upon touchdown, we all had a fantastic time. I’m so very grateful to be marrying into a fantastic family  of generous, loving, and kind people.

Our wedding invitations were a collaboration between Mr. Darcy and myself. He did most of the work, obviously. My role was mostly as the nag. They turned out spectacular if we do say so ourselves.

Yeah, yeah, yeah our real names.

Please, no wedding crashers. 🙂



25 thoughts on “East Coast Celebration

  1. Please forgive the new moms. Likely they knew not what they were doing (sleep deprivation often leads to loud talking among other social faux pas).

    What a lovely way to burn through a weekend and better yet, the in-laws to be all sound delightful. Hope your only wedding crashers are sunny skies and gentle breezes (or maybe they are already invited?).

    Waves of love still coming…

  2. Glad you had a good weekend, and got to spend more time with Mr Darcy’s family. So clarify, are we all invited to the wedding since you posted this to your blog? I better go get some plane tickets, ha ha!

  3. That cake looks not only so lovely but VERY nom-worthy! Yummy!

    So glad you had such a wonderful time and even more happy that you are marrying into an awesome and wonderful family! They too are VERY lucky to have you as part of their family.

  4. AK is so sick of me being sick of pregnant women, but she’s not here right now, so I’ll say it: I’m still sick of pregnant women and new moms. I get why they need to talk and bond, but I just feel like, get a room, ladies.

  5. Those invitations are great, Mr. Darcy is very talented! Hubs and I got married on a Sunday as well, Etta James “Sunday Kind of Love” was not out song, but always reminds us of the day.

    I recall your Etta concert expericence blog post though, so maybe not soo much for ya’ll! LOL

    Cake was super cute too!

  6. Adorable cake 🙂 And now I’m all excited to hear about what you’re having at the wedding instead of it? Oooh, the mind spins knowing you and Mr. Darcy’s creative minds melding together!

    Also, I was more than a little bit giddy when I saw your invites only because the concept was similar to ones I used my mediocre scrap booking skills to design for my brother and new sis-in-law back in Feb. I’m almost embarrassed to share these given how mickey mouse they look in comparison. http://domesticbloggess.blogspot.ca/2012/02/9-sleeps-and-counting_496.html

    We live in Canada and oddly when I did up a prototype with the provinces outlined (like the states are in your invites) our fair country looked like a side of beef – so we ditched that idea. I only wish I was near as talented as your hubs-to-be … well done!

  7. Just offering my support and happiness for your awesome weekend! Don’t go read my blog right now. I won’t be offended. Enjoy your wedding time. I am hoping that in no time you’ll get news you can have a baby when it’s time, too. xoxo

  8. The party/shower and trip sound wonderful, as does Mr D’s family. What a blessing. And I adore those invitations, and the subsequent cake. Well done all around.

  9. Although they are not “official”, I definitely have picked up some amazing in-laws. For a lonely only like myself, it has been the best.
    Glad you guys had a nice, albeit brief, getaway!

  10. You crack me up! “How often do you get to say you ate your fiance’s face?” Seriously hilarious. And I’m pretty sure your wedding invitations are the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my life (making me want to go back and do mine over!) I’m totally crashing the party… 😉

  11. As a hardened cynic, I hate to admit this, but i get a little teary eyed when I read about what a wonderful man you’ve found, and what a supportive, loving environment you’ve gathered around you. You’re going to be fine. No, you’re going to be MORE than fine. You deserve nothing less.

  12. Those are the most darling wedding invites I have ever seen. Nicely done! (And it’s always fun to learn bloggers’ real names; what a beautiful one you have.)

  13. I simply adore your invitations, they are amazing. You know what’s really funny, I have a plane ticket booked to seattle say the 3rd weekend in October… (joking, joking) It’s going to be a wonderful celebration! Can’t wait for the photos!

  14. I love the design and the colors – they so perfectly represent the two of you. Also? When Gavin was born and more recently, when Sweets was hospitalized, I was quickly overwhelmed by how many people in our lives love us and would inconvenience themselves in order to support us. What’s amazing for you is that you get to realize it during good times … and hopefully you will remember that during some of the tougher times. xoxo

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