Making Our House Into a Home

In our backyard was this horrible “dog run” but to me it just looked like a terrible cage that I would never put an animal in. When you are at the kitchen sink, you’d be forced to stare out onto it. It just depressed me. Because it was fastened onto an existing fence pretty mightily, we forked over some money to some hauling guys we used to use at the former apartment building for big jobs (like when the Music Man’s apartment had to be cleared). It went from this:

That is not Mr. Darcy but rather one of the guys working on removing this monstrosity.

To this:

The yard looks so huge now. I can’t wait to get some patio furniture. Why is patio furniture so darn expensive?

Yesterday my mom and Supple came over to help me weed the front yard and plant some colorful flowers. Thanks to some gift cards we got at our East Coast wedding shower, we didn’t have to pay anything for them either. Score! I want to put in more but this was a good start.

On the side of the house we (as in Supple) pulled out a ton of weeds and we planted some lavender and sage. It smells amazing and I love the pops of purple. I can’t wait to see it bloom big.

There are 3 raised planters located at the front of the house which my mom lovingly planted some pretty flowers. The dirt there is terrible but hopefully the new soil we mixed in will do the trick. I love the pops of color when you walk up to the front door.

(Shout out to my mom and Supple for an awesome day of hard work!)

We’ve also painted and set up my meditation/music/craft room. It went from tan walls (which the entire house is painted in, snoresville!):

To light blue (for those curious, it’s Salt Glaze by Martha Stewart) with furniture and stuff hung on the walls like a real room:

This is just a glimpse. I’ll give you a full tour of it another time. (As you can see, Dot approves of this room.)

I’ve got space for all my sentimental stuff and my projects that are perpetually a work in progress. When Mr. Darcy saw it mostly put together he said, “This is like a mini version of our old apartment.” It’s true that a lot of the stuff in the room was scattered about our former home but now since we have so many rooms, I can take my most favorite, sentimental stuff and put it in one place for myself.

Next up, we tackle the downstairs tv room/nerd cave/master bedroom/dressing area. We’re meeting with a painter tomorrow night to get a quote on how much it will cost for him to paint all the ceilings and walls into varying shades of light gray. It’s carpeted down there so with beige walls and the beige carpet, I feel like I live in a beige cave.

More before and after photos forthcoming as progress is made around the house!


14 thoughts on “Making Our House Into a Home

  1. LOVE IT!! Fab job on the garden! It takes time, but you work on things one by one and before you know it, VOILA! It’s looking like you want it too.

    By the way, I wish I lived in Seattle because I would come over and do the painting for you for free. Well actually for some of your homemade food and sweets. 🙂

  2. What sweetness. I’m especially partial to the putting-in-flowers work you’ve done. After getting art up on the walls, that is the next best step to turn a house into a nest in my eyes. Well played.

    Patio furniture. Don’t get me started. Always expensive and often so SO ugly. Be forewarned – it is typically a once in a blue moon purchase so pick finishes/colors wisely. You’ll be looking/living with them a long LONG time.

  3. It’s looking great! It really is so satisfying for a home to come together, largely because of your own work. I used to want to be able to make a house over super fast, like TV show-style, but now I like the idea of time sort of dictating what it should look like.
    And, again, I think you’re genius for looking into hiring someone to do the big painting. Painting ceilings… well, I can think of few jobs I hate more.

  4. Yay I love this post! So much fun seeing your before and after shots. The yard looks great and so does your meditation room. I hope you’re enjoying it!

  5. I always love getting a glimpse in to people’s homes! It’s so nice to have that room and feel like you have a place for things now.

    I am curious to see what the best of your backyard looks like. That photo makes it look like it’s mostly non-permeable surface!

  6. Wow! The house is coming along beautifully! I totally feel you on the patio furniture. I’ve been in my house for almost 5 years and I still don’t have any. Someday…
    Anyway, I love all the improvements. I find that working in the yard is very therapeutic for the body, mind and soul. I hope you do too. 🙂

  7. Everything looks so great. It must be very centering to have a house that’s beginning to feel like your home. One thing our condo association has done with our garden is to plant some annuals each year (mostly for pops of color!), but we’ve focused on adding a few more perennials every year. Landscaping can get expensive, but after a few years of adding a little at a time, our yard is looking pretty good (and we never took a huge hit on the wallet, either).

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