It Pays to Pay

After we finished painting my meditation room together, Mr. Darcy and I wearily looked at each other in our sweaty, paint-splattered clothes and agreed we needed to hire professionals to tackle the downstairs paint job.

The downstairs consists of a second living room, Mr. Darcy’s nerd space, our master bedroom, a “dressing area” as I like to call it (that will some day be transformed into a walk in closet for me), a laundry room, and a bathroom. It expands the entirety of the house so it’s big. The meditation room is basically the size of the laundry room and that wiped us out. So you can see why we hired painters, no?

What would have taken us an entire weekend, including roping in our friends, bribing them with booze and pizza, buying all the equipment, guessing how much paint to buy (and subsequently having to return to Home Depot mid-paint job because we would have guessed wrong), took two professionals under 5 hours and under $500. That includes their hourly fee and the paint. All we had to do was put the room back together not waste time cleaning rollers and cursing under our breath. (Okay, maybe Mr. Darcy did some cursing while we were moving all our stuff into the center of the rooms because he had to dismantle the nerd cave which has a lot of little men and assorted figurines.)

We went from what I lovingly referred to as The Beige Cave to some contrasting color and lightness. The original color we chose was Martha Stewart’s Cumulus Cloud. Because they only did one thick coat, it seems a little bluer than I thought it would be but it still looks great. It really brightens up the rooms.

Please excuse the lack of decorating we’ve done. We’re taking baby steps because, well, we have mounting doctors bills and a wedding we’re still paying for (eek!). Once we get the downstairs living area set up, I’ll give you a better up close & personal tour of it.

Professional movers and painters- the best money I’ve spent as a grown up.



18 thoughts on “It Pays to Pay

  1. Oh totally. We just spent the last 90 days getting our house ready to sell, and part of that was painting the entire main floor — the hubs had painted it navy blue, hunter green, and brown (BLECH), and I wanted to paint it over in a nice latte… it would have taken FOREVER. We hired professional painters and it is the best money i’ve ever spent. The thing is, even whe you do it yourself and save the cash, it never looks as good as it does when the pros do it.

    WE’ve also hired movers for our upcoming move.

  2. I totally agree. When I finally decided on colors (2 years into the house), it was well worth the cash to pay someone else for the hassle. Same with moving…I will never move myself again! πŸ˜‰

  3. Definitely agree on the professional movers. I’d love to hire painters but Bill is not on board with that for some reason. Perhaps I shall show him this blog post. (Also! Looks fabulous!)

  4. I like painting A room, once in a while. So I must repeat, for this big space you could not have been more brilliant. It looks great.

  5. Love it! I can see what you mean now by the beige being dreary. BUT so much easier to paint what you want over it than having to paint over darker colors. TRUST ME.

    I’ve told Matt it’s ok to take our time finding things to put up on the walls, but he wants it all UP NOW. I don’t know why the rush. I really don’t like rushing decorating a place. He just wants to slap stuff up which um, is not cool.

    So take your time! But this is fantabulous!

  6. Yes and yes! Well, we didn’t pay for our movers from LA to PDX, but we’ll pay for them when we move out of this rental. And the money we spent to hire painters for our LA condo was money very well spent.

  7. Love the new look of your room! I used to enjoy painting, but with a toddler at home, I’m pretty sure our next paint job will involve us leaving town for the weekend. =) And I’ve always said once you hire movers, you never go back (to moving yourselves)!

  8. This is a really good reminder for me…I always think, “I can do it myself” and then end up crying because of the suckness. You and Darcy are very wise. And I dig the color you chose.

  9. Ahh! Yes! So happy you paid for them! I wish we had. Steven did most of it before I moved in then we finished up the upstairs and I HATED IT.

    I am excited to see the Nerd Cave πŸ™‚

  10. So wonderfully timely, because I was JUST dreading the thought of painting my entire downstairs. I don’t mind painting one room–in fact I get some pleasure out of seeing such a total mood change, but we’re getting ready to list our house and… just, no. (Also scribbling down your color choice, which I love.)

  11. Somethings are worth the DIY, but somethings you just need a professional for. Once I have money I’m SERIOUSLY considering hiring some professional cleaners to attack my fiance’s man cave. lol

  12. When we moved to Florida, I promised myself I would never paint again. Yes, I hate it that much. Twelve years later, I have still never touched a brush. Every time we’ve had painting done I am thrilled with going to work and returning to find a whole new look. LOVE IT! It also looks 100 times better than what any amateur could do. I will write the check every time, with happiness. Save yourself the frustration and hire someone!

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