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I woke up to a special treat in my in box- engagement photos! No matter that I am wrecked by a nasty head cold or that I worked a 12 hour day yesterday (and pulled off a very successful fundraiser), I needed to get up immediately and look at all of them repeatedly.

We went with our amazing photographers to our old neighborhood of Capitol Hill. We figured it was fitting since it’s where we met and fell in love. The building in the pictures is the old apartment building we used to manage. Isn’t it beautiful?

Here’s a few from the session:

We love Jon and Heather from One Love Photo. They are so fun to hang out with and they take beautiful photos. I can’t wait to see the shots they get at our wedding (in 37 days!).


24 thoughts on “Engagement Photos

  1. Totally adorable. I think my very favorite (not that you asked, I’m just generous that way) is the second one which I’ve entitled The Kiss and The Dimple.

    What, you don’t subconsciously assign titles/captions to your photos? (really??)

    May your next 37(0) days turn out to be every bit as wonderful as your photos!

  2. I just saw them on Facebook! LOOOOVE! They turned out amazing – and really fun – I like how your personalities come through (like in the record store one). So cute. I totally regret not having engagement pics taken.

  3. I am in total love with #s 2, 4, and 7. They’re all amazing and cute as hell, but those made me tear up 🙂 I can’t freaking believe your big day is coming up so quickly, but I am happy that some things, like the photos, are falling into place and working out. I know it’s been a roller coaster. I’m here on the sidelines loving you both to pieces! xo

  4. I love love love these so much! I was so excited when I saw them on facebook. It’s cheesy, but I feel like I can see the love and excitement in your faces! And the photos themselves are just stunning. I love the filters used. And your earrings are fab!

  5. I think my favorites are the ones of the two of you on the balcony and the one where it looks like he is whispering something in your ear. 🙂

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