I have things to say and so I vlogged.

It’s Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month and I have a lot of things to say about that, as well as health care insurance, preventative care, HPV, and cervical cancer.

I say “pap” a lot in this video.

Thanks for watching.

I am Sizzle and I approve of this message.

(Apologies for the dark lighting and poor sound on this. I’m new to vlogging.)

(Also, gynecological is a hard word to say sometimes.)


17 thoughts on “I have things to say and so I vlogged.

  1. I hate, HATE insurance and healthcare in this country. I’m very thankful I have good coverage through work, but I just can’t even begin to imagine people who don’t have it and what they have to deal with. AWFUL. (I’m going to kick that duck on your behalf by the way.)

    Not related to the topic of this vlog – you are ADORABLE.

    Gynecological is both hard to spell and say.

    And I get checked every year!

  2. You’re a doll and I SO agree with you on Obamacare!! I hate how many hoops we have to jump through to get treated in this country.

    Strangely, I look forward to my yearly exam. My gyno is amazing. He treats me like an equal, never talks down to me, respects that I do know a lot about my health, and answers any crazy question I might have. He also identified a sensitivity to estrogen that was causing weekly migraines and putting me at high risk for stroke and blood clots. Paps are nothing to be scared of!

  3. Sizzle, I love love love your blog. I’ve been secretly reading for a year or so but just wanted to thank you for an amazing video. I’ve also had some abnormal paps and pre-cancerous cells going on in my lady parts and it’s really stressful and sometimes difficult to talk about. Thanks for just writing about your experience. Wishing you all the best chica. Abrazos from the bay.

  4. First, wow, you’re beautiful. I sure love that hair. You look extra stunning in this vid.

    Now then. I feel overwhelmed by how great this is. And I’m used to your beautiful face and personal strength and clarity in communication. But all of that plus the core of your message make me well up with tears. Baby, this video needs to go viral – I mean it. Maybe tomorrow you can simply ask every reader to repost this? Maybe I can just do it for my tiny readership? Maybe you are just really amazing. I love you and I deeply appreciate your candor in this video (and all the time). xoxo

  5. Yeah! Get tested, thanks for sharing. I had a lapse in my annuals, BUT I just went and had my checkup at the beginning of the month (partially thanks to you). I was surprised to read on my test results that I had a DNA HPV as part of my papsmear, I had never heard of that.

  6. I heart you. I have had precancerous cells on my cervix in the past, related to HPV. I never miss my pap. Thankfully it never became more serious. I am thankful to live in Canada when it comes to medical fees. Also I laughed out loud when you said F* you afleck (?) under your breath…thanks for sharing the vlog!

  7. Great job! Thanks for doing this. You’re totally adorable. Don’t forget to enjoy and appreciate what you have INCLUDING getting a new snazzy wedding bolero or cardigan. You can totally rock the bolero and make it into a new trend. Also, since you probably are close to your deductible, try to fit in as many tests and procedures before the end of the year as possible because it won’t cost you more any more money!!

  8. Sizzle,
    I don’t have a vagina of my own (being a guy and all) but even I know and appreciate the importance of this video. You send a very powerful message and I applaud you for doing so.

  9. Yes! Paps! I’m 22 years old and I’ve been getting yearly pap tests since I was 16 because all kinds of “women” issues run in my family. Yes, they suck. The stirrups are cold, the sheet doesn’t provide enough coverage, the light the doctor wears on his head is ridiculous, but they are SO IMPORTANT! I’m pretty sure I’ve made my friends, cousins, co-workers all feel awkward countless times because I ask them if they’ve had a pap test, but I just want them to live for a LONG time.

    Thank you, Sizzle! Pap tests for all women!

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