I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Saturday some of my girlfriends came over to help me check off more items on my wedding to do list. Friends are the best. Total lifesavers.

Jeni Angel carefully filled the flasks with homemade kahlua while Carly precisely adhered the labels (designed by Mr. Darcy) and tied on the hand-written Shakespeare quote tag.

The story behind the favors is this: We wanted to honor two important men in our lives who passed away- my father and Mr. Darcy’s grandpa. My dad used to make kahlua for holiday gifts while my mom would make homemade jam from apricots picked off our backyard tree. In my mind they did this more than once but apparently it only happened one time. Regardless, kahlua makes me think of him and of gifting so I used his recipe to make a big batch. Mr. Darcy’s grandpa was a lover of Shakespeare (me too!) and so we picked 3 quotes about love that I hand wrote on tags. There will be an explanation of why we chose the favors we did on the table where they will be displayed. (For those interested, I purchased the glass flasks off of Amazon.)

RayLo and Jen worked on wrapping the vases for the tables. We have a map theme going on so I went to AAA and fibbed saying that my fiance and I were planning a cross-country trip so I could get a bunch of free maps. Hey! I’ve been a member for 11 years. I think they owe me a few maps. Also, I am a terrible liar so when I do have to lie, I have to prepare ahead of time. At least you know with me I’m usually telling the truth?

I picked up these vases mostly at thrift stores in the last few months. My sister is doing all the flowers for the wedding. Lucky for us she used to work for a florist. We’re not doing a sit down dinner so there will only be 8 tables needing vases plus some scattered around the room.

The most time consuming activity turned out to be the chair decorations that will hang on each chair going up the inner aisle. Once we figured out how to make them, productivity picked up. Because I have wonderful girlfriends, they offered to take the rest home to finish them for me.

They will end up looking something like this.

Other decorations include: map heart garland sewn by my sister that will drape against the brick wall behind where we are standing during the ceremony; a sign that says “sweet on you” that will hang above the dessert buffet table (I cut the letters out, my sister sewed them); table runners sewn by my mom in the teal and coral colors.

I still have to finish the ring bearer pillow. I stalled out on the creating when ironing came into play (I hate ironing) but it must be completed so disdain for ironing will have to overcome. There are little things like making reserved signs or finishing the favor display table details but for the most part, the decorations are close to done. I could not have done it without Jeni, Carly, Carah, RayLo, Jen, and my sister. Oh and my ninja nephew.

Can you spot the ninja?


17 thoughts on “I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

  1. Wow – one of the cutest ninjas ever (don’t tell him that though – I’m sure he’s going more for the assassin-tough look).

    Your favors are so cute. I’m counting on you to have loads of photos on display here after the event (OK – maybe give it a day or two after but SOON ENOUGH) so those of us who are cheering from the sidelines see the all the adorable genius in play.

    Waves of love, sea of calm. Onward!

    • I probably won’t have photos up for a couple weeks after the wedding. I’m going on a honeymoon! But eventually it will all be up here for all to see. Promise. 🙂

    • OK ok, go on your honeymoon then (about-to-be-married people can be so ME-ME-US). But I am expecting those photos young lady. Don’t make me come up there!

  2. What an awesome creative ‘theme’! I LOVE IT! It is, indeed, going to be fabulous! I can’t believe its so close already! All the best to you and Mr. Darcy!

  3. These are FABULOUS!! Friends and family are the best when it comes to helping with this (and really most things). Yay! Your wedding is going to be beautiful lady!

    I bet the Ninja Nephew helped the most. 😉

  4. Wow, it looks like a beautiful day w/ friends!! I love you cuz, I wish we could be a part in such a big beautiful day & make your cake!! Maybe you guys can come visit & we can make you a little late cake, lol!! I love you so much & I’m so happy for you guys!! You have always been the one cousin I have looked up to, you are a amazing person & in my eyes you will always be the coolest older cousin ever!! I love you!!

  5. Hi ninja!

    I love love love all these details and the meaning behind them. It’s so great to have a personal touch on your big day! A friend of mine just got engaged and had a sort of survey for friend already married and she asked about regrets, and my only one was not having details like this. I CANNOT wait to see it all finished! 🙂

  6. Love the theme! I just bought some of those same bottles last week. I was going to use them for dressings, but homemade alcohol sounds even more fun!

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