So that happened

Yesterday was a clusterfuck but I survived it and we have a new rehearsal time on Saturday. I cancelled our happy hour rehearsal party reservation and am now deciding between 3 locations that can host us for brunch instead since the new time is 12:30-1:30pm. It eats into my sister’s time to arrange the flowers but she’s being a trooper and making it work. Luckily our photographers and our band can come at the new time so I’m not going to give the problem any more negative thought. I’m not happy with how the venue handled the change nor am I pleased that when I asked how they would be compensating us for this last minute inconvenience, the woman just ignored that question in my email. At least she is not our point of contact for the day of. I’d rather we steer clear of her because if you think I’m unhappy with how we’ve been treated, you should talk to Mr. Darcy, my one-man-mob.

Thanks to all of you for chiming in on here, Facebook, and Twitter with support and suggestions. You helped me maintain my sanity yesterday!

As the days tick by, I’m getting more and more excited. A week from tomorrow a lot of our friends start arriving. The thought of having my closest friends all in one room together again chokes me up. I love that my friends will get to hang out with Mr. Darcy’s friends, that our families will have time all together, that we’ll get to hug everyone and laugh with them.

The to do list continues to grow. As I cross one thing off, another jumps on. But it’s mostly little things like finish the ring bearer pillow, wrapping some of the vases, drawing out diagrams for the table settings and favor/dessert tables, finalizing the music playlists, etc. I still need to find an outfit to wear to my bachelorette party. At some point Mr. Darcy and I have to quit stalling and write our vows. Seems pretty important to the whole “getting married” experience.

I’d like to say I’ll write about something other than the wedding in the coming week but. . . it’s pretty much what I am living and breathing right now. I hope you understand and don’t mind too much.


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  1. It’s probably just as well to be done with it. Perhaps there’s a medium where you can give the venue an honest review, but for now you have so much on your mind.

    Hooray for the excitement!! These next two weeks are going to fly!

  2. I’m pretty sure I apologized a few times for writing a lot about my wedding as it approached (and then quickly trailed off behind us). I’m also pretty sure a number of people told me to shut the eff up – of course they love reading about our wedding and expect no less during such an important time in my life. So, now it’s my turn to say to you, shut the eff up, dear Sizzle. It’s YOUR WEDDING. You can shout from the rooftops, if you like. The collective WE are here to support you, to cheer for you, to be happy for you. So, there!

  3. Well poop on that woman! Good to hear most things are back on track. Definitely give the venue a very honest review after all this is done and you’re back from your honeymoon. People rely quite a bit on those reviews and the vendors do take notice of them.

    Here’s to hoping that idiot woman doesn’t contact you anymore unless it’s something lovely and positive!

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh! So excited for you! Well, not for the drama (obvs) but that everything is so close! Talk about it all you want, it’s such a HUGE DEAL. It’s your wedding, it’s the first day of YOUR MARRIAGE. These are good days to be documenting and good times to remember. Carry on so I can watch excitedly from my stupid work cubicle!!!

    • Thanks for the link. 🙂 We’re not doing a sit down meal so no seat assignments are needed which I think is part of why I’m still sane. HA!

  5. I was all fired up for you yesterday, but I’m glad it worked out! But yeah…definitely write a review somewhere.

    And I definitely don’t mind the wedding talk…I love it! And it’s a much needed distraction from waiting for baby (and accompanying pregnancy/baby talk).

  6. I’ll fourth (fifth? I lost track) the PLEASE FEEL FREE to joyously share about your wedding prep, wedding, all of it. We are here because we enjoy sharing your life and your viewpoint and your thoughts around your wedding are all part of the deal so I can’t imagine anybody would be wanting you to write more about organizing your pantry or papering inside your sock drawers or whatnot. I’d love to see shots of your friends gathered. The people behind The Sizzle/Mr Darcy as it were.

    Everybody talks about that “something” they were sure would derail (but did not) their ceremony. If this was your something and you are already past it then hey presto – nothing but blue skies and smooth sailing ahead. Yay! (enjoy!!!)

  7. PHEW. the wedding stuff gets crazy right? at the end of the day, just remember you’re getting married and it’ll all just fall into place. it’s magic i think.

    i’d definitely say book some time on your cal to write vows. it’s amazing how weepy you can get while writing them. 🙂

  8. I’ve shot events these past two nights and both were complete messes in terms of random shit happening at the last minute. Event planning must be one of the most stressful jobs ever! Hang in there. I know it will turn out to be a wonderful day!

    • It is pretty stressful but when I’m in my zone, I handle it all pretty well. That’s why I hired someone else to handle problems on the day of. I don’t want to do anything but but a bride and have a fun time!

  9. Mind? Not at all! I love hearing about all of your wedding details! OK- I wish you didn’t the stressful ones but those do make the best stories several years from now. Just trust me on that one. (Says the bride whose limo took her to the WRONG WEDDING)

  10. Home stretch! You’re in it! Best of luck and keep on taking those deep breathes … your day will be absolutely wonderful, and I hope you enjoy every last drop of it!

  11. Normally I hate the surge of wedding talk that comes before a person gets married because the internet is so saturated with it but, in your case, I’ll make an exception.

  12. I can’t believe it’s just days away now! SO exciting!!! And reading about you getting choked up about your friends arriving made me get teary. What a wonderful, amazing time weddings are. Even with all the stress, there’s nothing better than having everyone you love around you.

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