Music Must: Listen Up

As I’ve said (and will probably keep saying), I have many favorite memories of our wedding. But a big one was having The Local Strangers play. They not only learned a new song for our ceremony (Joshua Radin’s “Today”) for when we all walked down the aisle, they played their cover of Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” as we exited, AND played a set of their music for the cocktail reception. We missed the majority of it since we were off taking more photos but from our guests we’ve only heard rave reviews. I imagined as much would happen since these two are AMAZING. We danced our first dance to their song “Letter to My Lover” which is just the most fitting & perfect song for us.

Aubrey & Matt being awesome.

Today their first full-length album is out and I’m so excited for them. They are so gracious, humble, generous, and incredibly talented. I’m lucky to know them and we’re all blessed to get to listen to their beautiful music. Do yourself a favor and buy their album!

Big thanks to Aubrey & Matt for lending their voices to our special day and huge congratulations on this monumental accomplishment.


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