Love, Video-Style

Practically everything about our wedding is my “favorite” but this part has a special place in my heart. My dearest friend Dumpling was generous enough to put together the video below that we played during our reception right before the toasts. I had this crazy idea to have a When Harry Met Sally-esque video tribute and our loved ones were kind enough to play along. Many friends and family submitted little (and not so little!) video clips to Dumpling so he could painstakingly put together this gem. (Dumpling- you’re awesome and we love you!)

It means so much to us to have this to watch over and over and remember. We have very awesome people in our lives. Big thanks to those who contributed: Rae Rae & Run Run, Dumpling & Jersey Girl, my mom, Darcy’s parents, Jeni Angel, Jen & Rich, Dokey & Double B, Tomato & Andrew, Steve & Erin, Reets & Michael (from the Big Island), Carly (from the top of Kilimanjaro), Josh & Colleen, Bean & Eric (at the shore), and of course, my nephew Finn.


24 thoughts on “Love, Video-Style

  1. I am ADORING every post about your wedding. What a wonderful, special, beautiful, amazing day!!! I will hang on every word and picture of any additional posts, please keep them coming!! 🙂

  2. Wonderful video! Wonderful friends! Your cheeks must be starting to ache from the constant smiling? (Lovin’ all the love you have for your moment and your sweetling!)

  3. Ok, this is one of those things I wish I’d thought of! How awesome! When Harry Met Sally is my No. 2 favorite movie of all time. I love the ‘get Rich’ story, and I also love to hear all the silly things people do that they wouldn’t normally do when they meet someone they like.

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