The Long & Short of It (Hair Edition)

I’m so over my hair. Every time I grow it out, I say this. I endured it for the wedding so I could style it into the finger curl ‘do but now when it comes to day-to-day maintenance, I can’t really be bothered to come up with options. It takes a long time to flat iron but if I let it air dry I get a pretty out of control wave. See examples:

This is me with it straightened (hugging on my dear friend Rae Rae the night of my bachelorette party).

Desperate to do something with it, I put a scarf in it Saturday when we went out to run errands.

Please recall what I look like with a shorter haircut.

I have a hair cut appointment this Friday. Want to help me decide which direction to go with my hair? I definitely need to cut the bulk out because my hair is Thick. I just want to feel sassy again. This current style makes me feel too. . . mainstream.Ā  I could stick with a more streamlined bob-style or I could crop the back and keep the front long. The blonde styles below are the shorter version while the brunette styles are the longer (for me) styles. What do you think I should do?


22 thoughts on “The Long & Short of It (Hair Edition)

  1. I voted! I’m pretty sure my vote is what pushed Obama over the edge, so let me know if you need my vote for anything else . . . šŸ˜‰

  2. You are NOT for longer hair. Keep the eyes and gorgeous cheekbones your focus. The longer hair just isn’t you…and do NOT lighten it. Bottom left style, thin the bangs, pouf the top. That’s my vote.

  3. Definitely short! You look fantastic with short hair, and it definitely fits your sassy personality. I’m going through the same dilemma (as you know)!

  4. I think you will look fabulous no matter what. I love the longer look, but understand the pain-in-the-butt to style aspect. I would pick bottom right for that reason. Looks more low maintenance. You will rock whatever style you get!

  5. Bottom right gets my vote though I think the way you wore it previously was just about perfection so….a rerun of your older look wouldn’t be a hard sell.

    Mine was at an awkward length and now is just beginning to get to the “I like it THIS length” stage. Yay for choices!

  6. I’ve always said anyone who can maintain their femininity with shorter haircuts should definitely go short. You, my dear, are exemplary when it comes to rocking out short haircuts. Plus, you always seem to feel more comfortable going short. Do it! Can’t wait to see the results!

  7. While I think you look fantastic with any length hair, shorter styles just seem to suit you, AND you seem to be more comfortable with shorter hair, so I vote to CHOP IT OFF.

  8. I think you like it short, and maybe just feel some odd girl pressure that we all deal with to have longer hair? Because you look fantastic with short hair and it seems to be more than just a haircut for you, it’s your personality (from my point of view). I mean, any experimentation with hair is no big deal in the scheme of it all, but I think short is the way to go. You seem to like it and I think you look adorable.

  9. Cut it!! Short hair on you is perfect, shows off your great smile and pretty eyes! I don’t know about you, but changing my hair, especially cutting off some, always buoys my mood, makes me feel sexier. Just whacked five inches off recently, it was fantastic!!

  10. I said shorten only because after our wedding, the FIRST thing I made plans of doing was to cut my hair. was SO over long hair. And well….hair grows!

  11. I love that blonde’s haircut. I can never style my hair the way those pictures look. I am style chanllenged. Ha ha

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