These Things

Apparently my super power is being able to hear a cat puking from the other room while I am asleep and wearing ear plugs.

I’d like a new super power, please.

The bright side is I am awake early enough to write this post. You’re welcome?


The other day on FB I was tagged in this meme where I was given an age and I had to talk about what I was doing then. I inadvertently got 2 ages- 20 and 26. I could not for the life of me remember what the hell I was doing at either age. I knew that at 20 my father had just passed away and I was living at home going to a local community college. But 26? NO CLUE. It basically took five people, six including me, to piece together my life.ย  (I was living on my own for the first time without a roommate, probably dating the homeless guy. Let’s not talk about it!)

My memory is shot. Can gingko biloba save it?


The carpet is pulled back and the pads have been sucked dry. There is a lingering mildew smell. The contractor comes out tomorrow. All parts are crossed that this is not a serious (re: expensive) problem. We googled more information about the problem and it turns out that’s really helpful if you want to increase your freaking out.

The rains are returning today and we are watchful and nervous.

If this can’t get fixed soon and/or it breaks the bank, our holiday housewarming party is going to have to be postponed.


I go to my gyno oncologist in 14 days for my first pap post- surgeries. Not that I am counting the days. Not that I am nervous for the results. Not that I am lying about not counting and being nervous.

Will we be cleared to try to get pregnant or will we have to face the harsh reality – that option does not exist for us?



This Adrienne Rich line is ringing true for me right now: “The moment of change is the only poem.”



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  1. Have you had a look at the eavestroughs? Sometimes if they aren’t properly screwed/nailed into the fascia under the shingles water can run down into the foundation/walls… It’s a simply fix that has saved a couple of my friends from their wet basements. Hopefully it’s not too big of a headache!

  2. Just randomly butting into say – we, too, have had water seepage (we live in the Seattle area, too) – (long, expensive story) but my one piece of advice is to get to the root of the problem (where is the water coming in?) and fix that. You want to look at waterproofing services (google it) and do research on the company at the BBB and Angie’s List (we had three contractors come out and provide estimates, etc. The good thing is they all recommended pretty much the same solution.) The actual cost of the service (while sort of expensive) was less than we had imagined it could be, AND, it comes with a 25 year water free guarantee (PLUS, we spent more money making repairs, replacing the carpet, etc over time). I wish we would have figured out that there was an actual solution to the problem (and the WHY behind why it happens) earlier than we did. We got to this place after an actual FLOOD (torrential rains, plus plugged exterior surface water drain – like FEET of water – FEET), but two other major major seepage instances. I am happy to provide more information – for me when it was happening it was very stressful and worrying about the what ifs (?) and looking out the window every time it rained.

  3. Not sure but shouldn’t your homeowners ins. take care of the water damage in the basement? I’m thinking it should, so maybe you could replace the carpet. Its very hard to get rid of that musty smell once you have it. Owning a home is a bit more worrisome and maybe a tad more expensive, but in the end its still better than renting. And after 30 years you actually own something!

  4. Here are two words I hope you don’t have to hear from a contractor, at least not together and in this order… water table. Best of luck with the water, may it just be a situation a little house detrol can handle.

  5. That waking up with your cat superpower is one of the superpowers women have. It is why I and every mother I know wake up with every slight movement or sigh of our children while the men continue to sleep peacefully totally unaware.

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