Send Towels & Bourbon

Despite a weekend of laboring over DIY fixes, our basement is still taking in water in two places.

Please cue the sad trombone.

Our backs are sore from shoveling out the window wells and planters (see below). After four hours of digging on Saturday, we lost the light and the rains came full force so we were forced to get conciliatory milkshakes and wait for the next day to finish re-caulking all the windows. Our Saturday night date consisted of a run to Lowe’s for more caulking, carpet padding, and renting a steam vacuum. This is how newlyweds bring the sexy.


Here’s Mr. Darcy looking very manly as he ponders his shoveling strategy. Related: We need a wheelbarrow because hauling dirt in those buckets bruised up my legs.

Sunday was more of the same- wet, cold weather, outside laboring, and pulling up the carpet pad to get the mildew smell out of the room. Even though we can’t keep the carpet down because water keeps coming in, we managed to put towels in the trouble spots so I could run the steam vac. Now we keep the carpet pulled up and lay towels down in an effort to control the water. Twice a day we wring them out in the shower then toss them in the dryer. I always thought we had too many towels and now I’m wishing we had more crappy towels to use.

See the wall along the left of the room that's slightly discolored. That's our trouble spot.

See the wall along the left of the room that’s slightly discolored. That’s our trouble spot. The baseboard is bubbled from the water damage but the carpet is salvaged thankfully.

The earliest appointment we could get with a professional is Thursday. I also made a back up appointment for Monday with another company. We’re both OVER this. We just want it fixed and it’s beyond our scope and knowledge at this point. We had to cancel our holiday party that was set for this Saturday because there’s no way we can host 50+ people in our house without that downstairs space. Also, I don’t really want people coming over for the first time and seeing the house in such shambles.

Needless to say, our spirits are dampened. (Pun intended.)

This morning I was woken up by Dot, AKA OCD Cat, who was scraping the sides of the litter box incessantly as she is wont to do after a morning poo. We’re privy to her behaviors up close and personal thanks to the stupid water-in-the-basement situation which has forced us to shut the cats out of the rest of the basement except for our bedroom. So, 6am wake up call thanks to OCD Cat- check. I figure I might as well get up and check the towel situation in the flood spots. Overnight all the towels got soaked so I grabbed them up, ran to the bathroom trying not to drip too much on the carpet, and attempted to wring them out before putting them in the dryer. Then I went upstairs to feed the cats and stepped in cat puke. Dash insists on eating the Christmas tree pine needles which he promptly barfs up. HE NEVER LEARNS.

Um, is today Monday? WTH. Let’s recap:

  1. I’m tired.
  2. Cats are assholes.
  3. Water in the basement sucks.

How are you?


17 thoughts on “Send Towels & Bourbon

  1. Agreeing with gorillabuns – home ownership, while awesome in some ways, is soul-sucking in others.

    My day started off in the wee hours of the morning, with teething issues for one kiddo and a night terror for the other, which led to kids in my bed and getting kicked in the head a couple times. Then I got blamed because my husband has not yet gotten his flu shot. I haven’t been this excited to be at work in a while, mostly because this is cake compared to my morning.

    I hope the basement issue gets fixed quickly and as inexpensively as possible!

  2. Cats are evil. The only reason I tolerate mine is because she slays mice by the dozens. We recently discovered a few droppings in our (unfinished) basement, which we keep shut off from her. Our solution? Lock her in! A day later she solved the problem (although she never fully cleans up the carcasses) and I’m pretty sure the dumb-ass mice will stay away from our basement from now on. By the way, our solution to nighttime feline tomfoolery (and puking) is that, like the Flintstones, we throw our cat out every single night. She is allowed in the house only during the day.

    By the way — welcome to resigned and defeated home ownership! I laughed out loud over your comment “we’re over it!” If you’re unlucky, it might take years to reach that point (where you confidently turn to your tried and true list of professionals whenever a problem arises). Mr. Mom and I reached that point six months into owning our first home when a DIY kitchen renovation went bad. Twenty years later, we’re happily calling the pros every time. Life is peaceful.

  3. Ugh! I sympathize – the basement situation sounds horrible 😦 We also recently bought a house and are currently struggling with our first issue: a broken water heater, and a succession of *four* different plumbers who kept us off work and waiting for hours, only to each be completely incompetent and/or rude when they finally showed up…

  4. Home ownership isn’t ever what you thought it’d be. But, I bet you’re learning more about the construction of homes than you ever thought you would! Hopefully, this little mess can be permanently cleaned up soon, so you can go back to enjoying your first year of marriage!

  5. Cats are totally jerks. And I am stealing the phrase “conciliatory milkshakes”, because that shit is solid gold.
    I am recovering from a migraine, which was on the side of my head that didn’t get shot full of what have you, because my body is also a jerk.

  6. Water damage is such a pain! I hope you get some competent professionals in there and SOON.
    Cats ARE assholes. After a sweet and precious tiny kittenhood, mine has taken to eating/yakking up kids’ toys, climbing the Christmas tree, and peeing in a corner of the bedroom. My husband has stopped calling him Smokey and has, I think permanently, changed his name to SUMBITCH.

  7. Our basement flooded last January. My tip is to rent giant air circulators and point them at your damp wall– this is a way to avoid mold/mildew/tearing down the wall and replacing. Totally worth the rental for several days or until you get a professional to look at it. Good luck!

  8. Dang, you guys are a tough crowd. I love my cat even when she gets nutso – it is one reason she fits in so well with our family, actually. As to home ownership and repair issues? It all goes with the territory. Part and parcel of accepting responsibility for any physical structure because once built, all structures immediately and promptly begin the process of slowly breaking back apart. It is (cue ominously somber music), The Way of The World.

  9. As someone who hears about these things frequently (insurance) please get someoneon like Servicemaster or Servpro in there to dry everything out properly. Mold is never covered by insurance and you do not need mold growing up your walls.

  10. Ay-yi-yi. Yes. Home ownership is not for the weak spirited.

    I’ve refused to refinish our basement because I know it would be a temptation to the angry gods of seepage.

  11. If it helps to know you are not alone, here is something interesting about our basement.
    We have been “proud” owners of an eighty year old home with a full unfinished (for a reason) basement for 8 years and we now have a do-not-want-in-next-house list. Number 1 being a full unfinished basement. Granted the unfinished bit is a blessing because had it been finished we probably would have killed each other. Turns out? The house sits right in the path of all of the water in th area, so it simply goes through our basement. Yeah we have a need to do some creative drainage around the house to get the water to flow a little more conveniently. On the plus side, one of the previous owners put little ditches around the perimeter of the basement in the concrete floor, leading to a large hole and sump pump. It does make for an interesting spring.
    Hopefully you both come through together and all the stronger for it.

  12. UGHHHHH. I feel your pain in regards to the pains, ANNOYING PAINS, of home ownership. I’m hoping, crossing fingers and toes that it has stopped pouring in so much. Yes??

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