It’s a Christmas Miracle

The doctor called today and gave us some really, really, really good news.

My pap was normal.

My HPV test came back negative.

I am healthy.

We are clear to try to have a baby.

I cried happy tears. I thanked her profusely. I stammered and jumped up and down. Then I called Darcy and we were office-appropriate joyful on our phones. Then I called my family and he called his. I hugged my co-workers and then texted friends far and wide. Once we mentioned it on Twitter and Facebook, my phone has not stopped vibrating with lovely people sharing in our happiness.

My heart is so full to bursting.

After the roller coaster of a year we’ve had, it’s beyond-words-wonderful to have this kind of news. The kind that makes you beam, do a jig, full-belly laugh, and get teary with amazement.


58 thoughts on “It’s a Christmas Miracle

  1. I know how you are going to be spending your holidays! I speak from experience, that December/January is a great time to start a baby!

  2. That is a BIG TIME yahooooo!!!! Get busy sister. 🙂 At least practicing…
    P.S. If you need still need help with the water deal…we can help.

  3. Finally catching up on your last few posts. I’m teary reading this after reading your last post – even though I saw the news earlier today on Facebook. I am so happy for you two. Sending worlds of love and good baby-conceiving juju your way. 🙂 XO

  4. YAY! It is a Christmas miracle, full of holiday happiness. And no one deserves it more than you. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

  5. Yippee! Such wonderful news!!! There isn’t much in this crazy world that I can say that I know for sure, with one exception. You are going to be an awesome mother!

  6. Sorry I’m late to the game on this comment, I’m a bit behind on Google Reader. But… WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    That is fantastic news, Sis!!!

  7. So happy to hear you are healthy and have the all clear! What a great way to finish off a very trying year! Yay!

  8. I don’t know if you can hear me from New Jersey, but I’m cheering for you guys!! In a week of yuck I am so glad to hear this news. I hope it makes the basement/house issues seem a little less terrible.

  9. Fantastic news!!!! I am so happy and relieved. I hope you and Mr. Darcy are able to have the best, dramaless, relaxing Christmas and New Year ever!

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