Thank you so much for your outpouring of good thoughts and monetary support. I am, repeatedly, moved by the goodness of people. So far we’ve raised $1000 towards Oliver’s surgery which is AMAZING and has made me teary. The overall cost could be close to $3500 but every single dollar helps ease my mom’s stress. She wants to do whatever she can to give Oliver a fighting chance and thanks to so many of you, she can. His surgery is scheduled for Tuesday and in the meantime we wait and hope. I was over at her house last night and he enjoyed the lamb shank bone I brought to him even though he hasn’t been eating much.



Our basement still looks like this:


It’s depressing. We’ve been living with this mess since before Thanksgiving. The crew has come out and demolished the concrete outside our basement door attempting to find the footing drain (no avail). They have pulled off our baseboards attempting to locate the source but only found a small patch of the foundation where water trickles in. The carpet has been pulled back for so long I’m not sure it will ever not looked warped. Tomorrow another crew is supposed to come out to dig down 8 feet outside by our back door in the hopes to find our footing drain, locate a clog, and finally fix it. If they dig down, breaking the concrete and creating another huge mess, and don’t find the footing drain? We have an even bigger problem. Meanwhile the estimate to fix this goes up and the only thing that’s actually been repaired is one of our downspouts. To say Mr. Darcy and I are at our wit’s end over this fiasco would be an understatement.

The part that really riles us is their pacing. They will send one guy or a crew out then have no follow-up. Days will go by and we’ll be calling them trying to figure out what is going on and what the next step is. We have literally called them every day this week having been promised a new bid/estimate and a crew to come out Friday. I realize that contractors often get a bad rap but if this is how they manage time? I see why! Meanwhile we are sitting on whatever money we have hoping it will be enough to pay for this. We just want our room back and Mr. Darcy desperately wants to have his nerd area back.


We didn’t deliver the letter to our neighbors but instead plan to go over and talk to them first. Not that either of us are looking forward to that conversation but we’re heeding your advice. We did not, however, go over on Saturday night when they were having a rockin’ karaoke party with the sound so loud we had to turn up the volume on our tv just to hear the show.


Sometimes being a grown up is exhausting.



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  1. I know, right? Adulthood is the worst. But hey, cool guy, I like and stuff, and it will all work out, although you should be aware that I am totally willing to stab your neighbors if they don’t shape up and I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t blog comment on DayQuil. It’s treacherous shit.

  2. So happy to hear the donations are coming in strong for Oliver! Do we need to send donations for your basement too? UGH! I hate being a grownup for stuff like this. But like it when it means I can eat candy whenever I want. LOL!

  3. Ahh, I’m really, really sorry about your basement (eek, still?!). Dealing with leaks is no fun (our little Ford has always had a leak in the roof, and now that we live in Ireland and it rains all the time… well…). I hope you and Mr. Darcy get it all figured out soon, and that you never, ever have home improvement problems again!!!!

    I’m really sorry about your mom’s dog, too. 😦 But am happy to know that money was raised to help!!! Our pup, Tessa, is genetically prone to tumors and we’re always double-checking her and making appointments with the vet. We’re just hoping that the preventative measures we’ve taken with her her whole life will be of some good, and that if she goes, she’ll do so peacefully. It’s so hard, especially for D-Man. (I had childhood dogs, but this is D-Man’s first dog, and the heartbreak of losing your first pet never truly goes away).

    As for your karaoke neighbors, seriously, I would pound on their door furiously, then, as soon as they opened it, sweetly ask if I could join in on the singing. Then I’d go all maniacal with the microphone, singing horridly at the top of my lungs while breaking out some disturbing dance moves. And every. time. they decide to karaoke after that, I’d repeat the same move but scarier, until eventually they’d get too scared to ever karaoke again because they wouldn’t want their “crazy” neighbor Michelle coming over again with her exorcist dance moves and William Hung singing abilities.

  4. I’m still sending good thoughts your way. I wish I was already employed and could do more, but I am glad others have been able to help.

    I hope your other two situations finally get resolved, especially the basement water situation. Because seriously, that blows.

  5. Being an adult sucks BIG TIME. I wish I could win the lottery RIGHT NOW so I could send part of the money to pay for Oliver’s surgery and help with the basement situation. If I am *THIS* frustrated for you (BIG FRUSTRATION OVER HERE), I can’t even begin to imagine how annoying this is for the both of you. ARGH.

    Ok, sending more positive thoughts your way that both of these situations are resolved soon with the least amount of cash payment. xoxo

  6. I remember being a kid and hearing adults say “It’s always something.” And back then I thought, no, they are just grumpy. But they were right. It is always something, and sometimes that feels big when it’s someone or something we care about, and involves a lot of money. Somehow I think the trick is knowing, even through the exhaustion and despair, that you still wouldn’t trade your life for anyone else’s. And I know you wouldn’t. That counts for a lot, my friend. Just look at the incredible way you’ve been able to help and give hope to your mom just because you are YOU. No one else could do that for her the way you have.

    Also, do not be afraid to call a new contractor. The time this has gone on is beyond the grace period of “contractor time” vs. normal people time.

    (Okay, some days I *might* trade with Beyonce or Tina Fey for, like, an hour or two. But that’s it. Swear.) 🙂

  7. OK, this is just a thought, but isn’t the past owner of the house somewhat responsible for that leak in the basement. Surely the leak didn’t just happen, or maybe it did. Leaks in basements must be disclosed at the time of purchase. I don’t know, it seems like someone should help you with this issue since you’ve only owned the home for a few short months. It just doesn’t seem right to me, but of course I don’t really know. Homeowners ins. should help with anything cosmetic anyway. IE, new carpet, painting ect. Personally I think its worth a shot at contacting your real estate agent with your issues regarding the basement leak. The worst thing he can tell you is that you’re responsible, not the previous owner.

    Every single person I’ve known who bought a flip has had trouble in one way or another.

    BTW, I’m thankful that Oliver is on his way to surgery and that folks were able to chip in and at least help cover the cost. Thanks to your Mom for doing what is necessary to keep Oliver healthy.

    Good luck!

  8. Speaking from experience as a former RE Agent and working for home inspection companies, I suggest you contact the inspector you hired. If the leak was that bad it was likely present when he inspected the home (leaks and the damage you described are generally ongoing or chronic, they don’t just pop up and cause that much damage overnight) The inspector may have E&O (Errors & Omissions Insurance) and you may be able to get him to contribute to the repair costs. Also contact your the RE agent you used ESPECIALLY if the inspector was referred by them, at least let them know what is going on and the steps you are taking. It certainly can’t hurt to check it out.
    I am sorry to hear about Oliver and his health issue. I hope his surgery goes well and he gets many more years with your mom. There is a A LOT of information on the interweb on canine cancer and there are some holistic things your mom may be able to do to help slow the tumor growth and/or help him recover. When my girl was diagnosed I started a cancer specific diet that seemed to help her maintain a good appetite.
    Take care and while being an adult can be hard at times remember what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and you’ve got a great partner in Mr. Darcy so it could be worse!

  9. Uggh, I’m sorry about the house problems. There is nothing like feeling unsettled in your own home and feeling powerless to fix it. I can completely commiserate — we’re having trouble with a leaky chimney, which has resulted in water-damaged ceilings.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that Oliver will be OK and that the neighbor situation works out!

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