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The weekend I went away with girlfriends to Doe Bay, all of Mr. Darcy’s plans with his nerds fell through. I felt sad for him and mentioned that he needed a true nerd weekend back in Philly with his best friends. He claimed none of them would get it together to hang out all at one time. While we were exchanging texts about this, I was emailing his friends back east to find a time that I could fly Darcy out to hang out with them. By the end of the weekend, I had a mutually agreeable date and a plane ticket for Darcy. Surprise!

While he was gone on his adventure this past weekend, I managed to pull off another surprise for him. We’ve been talking about how to set up his nerd cave now that the basement is finally fixed (YAY!). We’re planning on getting a new flat screen and hiring an electrician to come out to drop the cable line down so we can use that space as the “family room”- that way while Mr. Darcy is working on painting his little men, I can be down there watching a show with him or reading. So, I enlisted the help of my mom and brother in law to put some necessary touches on the space. Double B came over and hung a bunch of framed stuff- 3 photos from our wedding and four of Mr. Darcy’s concept art- plus some shelving.

A photo of Darcy, then of us, then of me from our wedding day.

A photo of Darcy, then of us, then of me from our wedding day. New pillow covers thanks to Ikea. Cat comes with room.

While he was doing that, I was sorting through a mountain of boxes that were shoved under Mr. Darcy’s art tables. I discovered that my husband has so many tiny little men that have yet to be assembled and painted and I’ve decided that there is no way on earth he could paint them all in his lifetime given that new boxes of tiny little men arrive weekly. And he got rid of stuff when he moved in with me three years ago!

I added shelves and the white cabinet. I'm a fan of hiding things away. What is not pictured is what's on the opposite wall- 4 cases of nerditry!

I added shelves and the white cabinet. I’m a fan of hiding things away. What is not pictured is what’s on the opposite wall- 4 cases of nerditry!

While I rearranged the space so he’d have a place to paint and to work on his computer, my mom was diligently sewing new curtains. We’d braved Ikea earlier that day where we’d found some material I found suitable for the windows and then I dragged her to Lowe’s and Target. By the time we got home, 4.5 hours later, we were beat but there was much to be done still. This is what I do, I invite you over for a sleep over, buy you dinner and set you up in a comfy bed and then make you work until you’re exhausted the next day. (You are forewarned.) After all the sewing, we realized we probably should have purchased more of the fabric but we’ve got a plan to add white fabric at the top to extend them. For now they give us privacy which was sorely lacking.

Bright and cheerful, perfect for a basement family room.

Bright and cheerful, perfect for a basement family room.

It feels good to have things hung on the walls, more like home. Mr. Darcy came home after being gone 5 days and was touched by our hard work. The room definitely needs more work to pull it together but it’s a start.

Thanks for the help, Mom! Dash enjoyed your visit (and so did I).

Thanks for the help, Mom! Dash enjoyed your visit (and so did I).


12 thoughts on “Up My Sleeve

  1. Looking great. So happy you have your space back and what a fun surprise for C. The trip and the room remodel. You are a good, good wife.

  2. Wow. I, uh, wish you were my wife. (Also! That curtain fabric! It is AMAZING! I just happen to be going to IKEA this weekend and I really hope they have some in stock.)

  3. I love how thoughtful you were to send Darcy off for a boys weekend. And I also love how you put your mom to work. Maybe now she has a new-founded appreciation for the quiet that her house has become. =)

  4. So so adorable. Your Mom is so very adorable….

    Oh – the room looks pretty sweet as well. That Darcy is a lucky guy, but then it would seem he already understands that. Which is as it should be. I’m a relatively new visitor in these parts – is there a post explaining Mr D’s tiny men (to be painted)? I yearn for insight!

  5. It looks so good! I love doing stuff like that. I recently redid Vahid’s desk and storage area so it would be more streamlined so he could work at home easier. I love the curtains. I think they are perfect.

  6. Your mom = ADORABLE. Also the sweetest.

    LOVE what you’ve done! And YAY for fixed basement!! WOOHOO!!! So so so happy that’s done! And you are a freakin awesome wife!

    By the way, I’m beginning to think Dash likes to be in your pictures. Hmmmmm….

  7. Boxes of little men. Weekly packages of toys arriving at the house. Jersey childhood. Are we married to the same man?
    We are in the process of moving and the boxes of little men are quite overwhelming. You are a good woman to sort and create a space for him to work…

  8. Girl, I think you need a show on HGTV! You guys are so like us – Mr. W has a lot of stuff and I try to find creative ways to hide it away.

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