Record Breaking

I’m so, so exhausted that I don’t think I can do much more than tell you that the fundraiser was a smashing success. It blew all previous fundraising goals out of the water and broke the million dollar mark. As in two commas needed! I really didn’t think we’d hit that this year though for the last 3 years I’ve been told we should strive for it. Here’s some perspective: I started managing this event five years ago and our goal was to get 800 people in the room and break $500,000. Wednesday we had over 1,100 people in the room and raised $1,073,129.

(I’m still having trouble saying the number out loud. WOW!)

Was it really only a week ago that I was having a complete and utter meltdown in my cubicle, thoroughly convinced that the program was not going to come together and be compelling to guests? I pride myself on a tightly executed (everyone in and out in an hour) program that packs a big punch with our message mainly through youth speakers who have used our services. I went out on a limb this year and had a singer/guitarist, a spoken word poet, and a rapper (all our youth) perform. I wondered if the audience would be able to relate or feel moved because art is subjective. They got standing ovations and guests sought them after the program to congratulate them. That’s my favorite part of the entire event, really- seeing the youth I’ve worked with take the stage and shine. To hear the praise and watch them bask in it. They deserve that recognition and so much more.

Of course, there were some major hiccups but none of them were on our part and luckily most guests had no idea they were even happening. We premiered our new logo and a brand new one minute commercial about our organization that I’m super proud of. I don’t normally attach my place of work with my on line presence but I’m making an exception this time because I really hope you’ll watch it and see who I work for and why. (Watch for a boy standing at an opening door holding a suitcase. That’s my nephew! And me opening the door but you can only see my hand.)

I’m incredibly lucky to work for an organization where I get to do what I love (event planning) and support changing the trajectory of the lives of foster youth alongside fantastic co-workers. I’m so grateful my life led me here.

24 thoughts on “Record Breaking

  1. Well, dammit. Now I’m crying.

    WAY TO GO, Friend. I’m so proud of you!!!! I had all the faith in the world, but I know how it feels two weeks out. You persevered, and now, you deserve some rest and celebration!!!

    • Awesome iPod typing skills today! And, are we ever having simar months for completely different reasons! Congrats on getting thru all your fundraiser related hard work, and go get some sleep. Because not doing so is most decidedly not awesome, & who shouldn’t get to feel awesome after all that? Beats me!!

  2. I love that you still get so nervous, even though your events are always so successful! I was surprised the other day to hear a goal of $900,000, because I would have bet that you would reach $1 million this year and of course you did. The cause of Treehouse got me involved, but working with such wonderful people like you really is the icing on the cake. Helping kids and loving the people I volunteer for to help make it happen? Perfection!

  3. I have no sound on my computer but I watched the video just to see Finn. Congrats on making over a million bucks too.

  4. I was in Seattle a few times over the past week and a half. Walking from the Westlake station to our hotel twice and then also from Pier 69 to our hotel. I kept thinking it would be cool if I could run into you and Mr. Darcy on your way to a lovely dinner. If you saw a woman with a nearly-2-year old on her back pushing a singing 4 year old in a stroller while her husband pulled the ridiculously heavy suitcase, that was us. Seriously, my daughter sang almost every time we were in transit and it was hilarious! Congratulations on a great accomplishment!

  5. Oh my gosh. What a smashing success! Huge congrats and huge hugs! You are amazing!

    That sounds like such a fun event to attend, and see how the kids have succeeded due to the help of your work! I loved the video. LOL. Finn is quite the actor!

  6. Tears!! I’m so glad to hear that your event was such a success and I’m so glad you shared this. I remember a picture you posted on Instagram where you were trying to get the seating chart just right. Sounds like you did! Bravo.

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