The Karaoke Neighbors: Episode 2

I tried the nice approach. We have called in noise complaints three times in three weeks and police have come out to shut the party down. We’ve tried enduring it, turning up the TV, shoving earplugs deeper in my ears. The neighbors insist on loud karaoke parties weekly, sometimes 2-3 times a week. Friday night, I was home alone and their party started up around 8 and was still going on past 11:30 when I attempted to fall asleep, rocked by the vibrations of their bass. By Saturday morning, I was pretty much a wreck. Having endured The Music Man for five years while managing the apartment, I have some sort of PTSD when it comes to this shit. I broke down crying to Mr. Darcy. I feel so stressed out living in our house! How messed up is that? That these fuckers should impact my enjoyment of our home to this degree?

So then it’s Sunday and my family is over for Easter dinner. It’s a beautiful, sunny day so we dined outside as did our neighbors and their mounting crew of people. As we sat there eating, more and more cars drove up the driveway and their chatter increased. I became very tense, worried that what would follow would inevitably be how they celebrate every holiday and every damn day, really. More karaoke.

It was about 8pm when we started to feel the vibrations. We’re sitting on our couch, clear across the house, and can feel it. We talked about what to do, tried to watch some more of the show, but then Mr. Darcy was like, “I’m going to go over there.” So of course I said I’d go too even though the thought of it made me want to throw up. As we walked across our lawn, I had to stop to take a deep breath. As ballsy as I might be, I loathe confrontations like this. I just want to be nice and have everyone get along. I don’t want to have to negotiate with karaoke terrorists.

We knocked on the door multiple times which turned to pounding on it because their music was so loud they couldn’t hear us. I knocked so hard my knuckles hurt. A guy opened the door and I think I said something like, “Your music is too loud.” He kind of shook his head but appeared drunk and I’d never seen this guy before so I said, “I want to talk to John. Where is John?” He wouldn’t get John and meanwhile the karaoke singer just kept going even though she could see us standing there at the door. I broke my own rule and swore during a confrontation saying “I’m sick of this shit.” I try not to do that because it always escalates the situation. The drunk guy blearily said something like, “This is my house blah blah blah.” I’m like, “This is YOUR house? Where is John?” He tried to shut the door in my face and that’s when shit got real and I don’t totally recall everything I said because I was SICK OF THIS SHIT. Mr. Darcy said I kind of lost it. Yep, I did.

I smacked that damn door open and said loudly, “I WANT TO TALK TO JOHN!” Over and over until John appeared. I was going nowhere. I had reached my limit of nice and it’s not pretty when I cross over. There’s a reason people think I’m east coast. Meanwhile, Mr. Darcy is standing behind me ready to punch that little drunk dude as he was getting in my face. John finally came to the door and came outside to talk to us. Darcy introduced himself and we attempted to reason with him. We tried to be nice. We want to be neighborly but when we can feel the bass from our couch clear across our house, it’s not cool. At one point I almost started crying, lamenting how I didn’t move to the suburbs for this after enduring the apartment managing for years. I don’t know you guys, I was kind of breaking down under all the stress. Meanwhile. some chick kept opening the door while we were talking to John to yell in Vietnamese. He’d wave her off, she’d shut the door, then a few seconds later, she’d do it again. These people are crazy, man. Mr. Darcy made sure to repeat to John: You understand that we are giving you this chance to make this right? That we need the volume and bass turned down? He said yes and honestly, when we got back home, we couldn’t hear it.

As we were walking back to our house, our across the street neighbors arrived home and hollered over, “Good! I’m glad you went and talked to them. I’ve had to go over there in my pajamas it’s so loud!” So we walked over to them to meet them and talk about how crazy these karaoke people are. It helped to know we’re not the only ones suffering and that if it came to it, we’d have more neighbors on our side to get these assholes evicted. We also learned that the woman who used to live in our house before it was purchased at auction and flipped, had a son who murdered someone. The neighbor showed us an iPhone video he shot of the SWAT team surrounding the house, looking for the suspect. The woman/mother was the only one home and they tore her house apart. Holy shit! I hope us living here can bring some joy to what was obviously a very sad house. If only we can get these karaoke neighbors to cooperate or leave.

From now on, we’re not negotiating with the terrorists. We’ve got the police noise complaint number memorized and will use it. We’ve looked into the tax records with the help of our realtor friend but it only shows the address next door for the landlords. I’ve got a few other friends with sneaky connections who are investigating the landlords. I am determined to locate them and inform them of the situation. The across the street neighbor said the lady who owns it is very nice and had mentioned she might open the house up to a section 8 renter so I’m also going to call that office. This is a neighborhood of families and retirees. These people are in the wrong damn neighborhood and they’ve pushed me past my breaking point.

32 thoughts on “The Karaoke Neighbors: Episode 2

  1. These people are the WORST. I’m so so sorry you guys are having to deal with more inconsiderate, noisy people. I really hope this confrontation resolved it, though I’m skeptical. I’m really proud of you for going over there and standing up for yourself though. I’m buying you a drink next time we hang out. ❀

  2. Although I lament the use of “east coast” attitude in the PNW to deal with your neighbors- I am PROUD of you and soooo excited that your badass came out. Sizzle’s on the CASE!

  3. Ugh, how awful. Glad to know the other neighbors are decent and on your side. Good luck getting the situation taken care of! And good on you for being direct with them!

  4. Ugh. I feel for you! We have been dealing with nightmarish neighbor/condo association stuff of a different variety with similarly chaotic-feeling, stress-inducing, sleep-stealing results. It just sucks. I hate living in the breaking point zone with every fiber of my being. This is the sort of thing nobody ever really mentions when you are considering homeownership. Or if they do we just don’t pay attention. It just all feels so much worse when you have to keep living in these circumstances a few months from now (or tomorrow!), ya know?

    Anyway, here’s hoping this is the beginning of a very quick end to this nonsense for you!

  5. Sucks that it had to come to that to get them to turn the bass and volume down. Ugh. Karaoke, honestly! I can’t think of anything worse! Persist, you will win πŸ™‚

  6. I wish there were zoning codes based on what type of lifestyle you live, so you could be surrounded by people who share the same noise levels and schedule as you… If you have 8 free-range kids = live in a suburb where it is noisy with kids playing in the street during the day, but quiet at night; if you are a nightshift worker and need to sleep during the day = live in a special section of town that has rigid noise controls and homes with extra insulation; if you want to sing karaoke all day and night = live above a nightclub surrounded by others who party 24/7.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just settled into a hammock with a good book in my back garden when the 5 surrounding neighbors seem to conspire and all “fire up” their noisemakers. The leaf blower on one side, the gas mower on the other, the parent-adolescent screaming match behind, the 3 yippie little barking dogs adjacent, and on the other kitty-corner lot, our own version of karaoke Hell mixed with an amplified electric guitar. I’m a people-person who grew up in the city and loves people of all kinds, but sometimes a remote property seems very appealing!

    I feel your pain, and hope those neighbors MOVE, soon! Given that they are renters, at least there is hope.

  7. ‘Karaoke Terrorists’ – that is the perfect way to describe them! Good for you for being so firm and standing up to these people. It’s amazing how inconsiderate people can be, but hopefully they’re getting the point that they’re being totally obnoxious and disrupting.

  8. I hate that you have to deal with this but I am so happy you did lose it! Then you don’t beat yourself up for doing nothing about it and I hope that something great comes of it!

  9. Hang in there, Sizz! Tracking down the landlords was the only thing that immediately sprung to mind and you’re doing it. Nothing like noise to drive you crazy. Makes me think of an episode of Angel where Faith mentions the 5 categories of torture: sharp, dull, hot, cold, LOUD. Good luck getting it sorted!

  10. I am so sorry you’re having to deal with this! Especially when you’re still getting settled into your home. I hate that it’s taking away from your enjoyment of nesting as newlyweds. I’m glad they turned the bass down finally – maybe they’ll keep things quieter now.

    I do have to say, though, that I laughed out loud when I read, “There’s a reason people think I’m east coast.” You’re awesome. πŸ™‚

  11. I don’t usually comment (one of those stalk-from-afar types) but I just have to tell you… reading this, it played out like a movie in my head and I found myself holding my breath when I read about you smacking opening the door and shouting “I WANT TO TALK TO JOHN”! It made me say laugh and I literally said “You go girl!” Good for you for standing up to them!

    • Well I am East Coast, but I’m a Southern girl that like you hates confrontation so I can tell you right now, I would start thinking of some of the most passive aggressive “pranks” that would start occurring right during the time of their parties. Things that would suddenly make it very inconvenient for them to be having all these parties and also things that would make it inconvenient for their guests but things that could never be traced back to you. Yes, I would be tracking down the landlord and calling the cops but also letting some air out of some tires, ordering some pizzas and if it came to your sanity, placing some KARAOKE OPEN HOUSE PARTY NIGHT ads on a few choice websites/circulars. Let’s just say they probably wouldn’t like who would start showing up. πŸ˜‰ In all seriousness, nothing’s worse than your home not being your haven and I hope you can get some resolution soon!!

  12. Jesus. This is just beyond belief. I mean I get hearing stuff from an apartment (like hearing my upstairs neighbors bs) but from a completely different house? Come on!

    I hope this is the last you have to write about this and the next post is: Hurrah! They’re gone! Or their equipment was taken away! Something.

  13. How many people live there? It sounds like John doesn’t know how to deal with his drunk friends. I don’t blame you for going East Coast. (In my world, I call that Fire Lesley, because when we had the huge fire here last year, when there were 1500 firefighters up on the mountain, I saw a guy throw a cigarette butt out his car window. Enter, Fire Lesley.) Anyway, tangent, but just to say I completely understand. And I hope you follow up and get them either under control or out through any and all resources you may have.
    I am glad you met the other neighbors, and I hope that turns out to be at least a silver lining to this mess.

  14. Man, I’m very Southern and very ghetto. The Swat team story made me laugh only because my father had a stand off with the Dallas Swat team in an alley when Celia was born. Nothing says ‘proud moments’ when you read about your father in the Dallas Morning News. You are nicer than me. I’d start staging break-ins while they are away. I mean they have to buy beer and toilet paper, right?

  15. I’m glad you met the neighbors who also abhor the karaoke peoples. That helps one feel less crazy/crazed, in my experience. And the whole “not negotiating with terrorists” was my favorite part. πŸ™‚ I love you and I’m sorry – this would be the thing to push me over the edge. Don’t jump, love. xo

  16. I have had neighbors SORT OF like yours. But not to that extreme. Yikes. I’m surprised the cops didn’t issue a warning to these singing freaks. But I guess you can say… at least they are making meth.

  17. I would feel so infuriated and out of control too. I am happy you are doing what you can to find the owner and that you found a neighbor to comeserate (sp?) with. Crazy about the history of your home!!!

  18. I am so sorry you have to deal with this nonsense. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own home. I really hope the landlord resolves this ASAP.

  19. This is downright ridiculous, Sizzle. My blood pressure rises just reading about your interactions. I cannot imagine what I would do if I were in your shoes (other than know I’d start the cussing match a lot earlier than you did). 2012 was such a big year for you and Mr. Darcy … 2013 was supposed to be relaxed , a time to enjoy all your hard work from last year. I’m sorry it’s gotten off to such a rotten start.

  20. I really hate these people on your behalf. This is going to sound callous but at this point I hope you all can get them kicked out of the neighborhood.

  21. Oh. My. Gosh.

    I really hope that they get evicted. We have obnoxious renters next door, and while they don’t have karaoke parties, they were using heavy equipment out in their backyard until after 8 yesterday. I was just holding my breath waiting for the baby to start screaming. My fingers are crossed for you, friend!

  22. This makes me cringe. I am hopeful things have improved since you wrote this post, but I have a feeling that’s not the case. This will be a struggle, but I’m confidant you can get this resolved by your fortieth birthday. Good luck Sizzle.

  23. Are you my neighbor? We have the same neighbors. It’s 3 am and I am up, with karaoke vibrations, smoke waifing through the window…. SOS. I am going crazy. My neighbors pretend not to speak English!

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