First Houseiversary

If you can believe it (I can’t), we’ve officially owned our house for a year.

It feels like more time has passed since we packed up our one bedroom apartment in the heart of Capitol Hill and took residence in a 4 bedroom 1959 flipped house in South Seattle. Our lives have definitely changed. We don’t go out to eat as much because we like being home and because we spend our money on stuff for the house. Before I bought a house I thought I’d easily have the house fixed up by now. That was newbie thinking because, wow, they aren’t kidding when they warn you how money becomes scarce when you own a home. One major problem (hi, leaky basement!) can set you back financially and it can be months before you’ve got your financial footing. I daydream a lot about the improvements we can make and the ways to decorate each room but all of that takes money and I realize more and more that those things take time and they don’t matter as much.

What matters is the feeling you create inside your house, not if the rooms are styled in an Apartment Therapy-worthy way. A home is not just the stuff in it but the people who reside inside of it and the memories they create there. And in just one short year, this home is already packed with memories. I can picture our dearest friends having traveled from all over to gather in our home in anticipation of our wedding, chatting and laughing. I see our first Christmas tree lighting up the corner. I spy the mismatched spot of paint near where the curtain rod sits above the living room window and remember how we inadvertently discovered that the buckets of paint left in the garage are not a perfect match. Around the coffee table friends have sat for raucous rounds of board games, drinks, and catching up. The front porch where co-workers lovingly dropped off a huge bag of fruits & veggies for my juicing obsession on the day after I found out I had cervical cancer. My wall of cards of encouragement and love during that very hard time. The corner of our downstairs living room, before the water damage and the couch and the wedding, where Mr. Darcy and I sprawled out together in disbelief, trying to make sense of the cancer news while staring at the ceiling and crying. The cats favorite hiding places. The bird feeder from my mom hung outside the dining room window where I can watch pretty birds flit about in the morning as I sip my tea. The exact spot where I last kissed Darcy good-bye before next seeing him on our wedding day.

And this is just a smattering of the first year.

I moved to Seattle almost 7 years ago to make a new life for myself. One of my goals was to be a home owner. I sometimes shake my head in wonder that I did it- I found my person and we bought a house and we got married. Every time my faith wavers I remember that dreams do come true, they just come true in their own time.

Keep dreaming.


15 thoughts on “First Houseiversary

  1. A year?!?! Wow.

    A nice ode to life, BTW. I enjoyed reading it and remembering all those events. Some I’d prefer didn’t happen, of course. But they make up who you are, right?

  2. So sweet! By the way, you never get over the desire to do more to your home than you have the resources for. (Unless you win the lotto, I suppose). We are in our fourth home and I loved each one differently. Our first was in a big city and was tiny and modest (but oh so charming in a pre-War way), and it’s where we were married and where Kate was born and where we first learned our DIY skills. Our second was in a suburban community and it was big but unremarkable (a plain-Jane Ranch with builder-grade finishes and dated interiors), but it’s where Parker was born and where we celebrated 12 magical Christmases with our children and where my late mother “nannied” our kids. Our third was my dream home, the historical house on the brick road in the center of my tiny “Mayberry.” I know I’ll never live in another home I cherished as much as that one. And our fourth is new and modern and sitting in the middle of the acreage we always dreamed of and is just right for two almost-empty nesters. I can’t wait to read about more adventures in home ownership (and living) awaiting you and Darcy.

  3. I love how similar our paths are; we just enjoyed our one year anniversary in our house last weekend! And the money and improvement things you mention? Heck yes, same thing here. We enjoy being home, we enjoy making the house a home, and we love working on it, dreaming of new things to do, and where we want to go with the different rooms in term of design and whatnot. It’s SO fun and has taught what we care about having (new clothes? Nah, let’s save for patio furniture). Eat out tonight? We could, but we have this food and we want to do that project some day.

    Hope the house brings you many more years of happiness!

  4. “I did it- I found my person and we bought a house and we got married. Every time my faith wavers I remember that dreams do come true, they just come true in their own time.”

    Stop saying things I say! 😉 Congratulations on the first Houseiversary (great word by the way) 😀

  5. Before you know it umpty years have sped by and somebody is asking you (in the shade of some now-mature tree) “so, how long have you lived here” and you have to actually think, HARD, about how long. Enjoy your newbie-ness it is all part of the fun (and in this economy? Oh honey, there are still loads of things I’d do to this house “if we only had the money”…). Congrats on Year the First!

  6. I can’t believe a year has passed, but then again I can’t believe 7 have passed since your move. It’s all so strange since in my head everyone stays the age they were when I met them. Except me, I feel older. 🙂 Congrats on making your house your home!

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  8. I’m going to depend on you to keep count of how long we’ve owned our place since we both bought the same year within a few weeks of each other. Totally hope you’re ok with that. 😉

    Happy one year friend! I hope you keep getting wonderful and lovely blessings in your life every year.

  9. Awww Sizz that’s an awesome post! Hooray for one year! Owning a home is fantastic 😀 Love that you already have so many amazing memories in it!

  10. Congrats, Sizz! Today is one of those days that I need a reminder that “later” is not the same as “never” in the dream department. Thanks.

  11. Awwwe! So sweet. Congrats on having such a great year (despite the big leak hiccup) in your place. I’m so glad you have such great memories and it’s only been a short time. Here’s to many more to come.

  12. Yay! Congrats on a year! Even in a new home… there are so many things you want to do that money won’t allow. I agree that it’s about the feeling and memories, and less about it looking perfect! 🙂

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