Karaoke Terrorists: Episode 3

When last we left you, we had a face-to-face confrontation with the Terrorist neighbors. That was back in April. After that, we went full throttle into calling our Community Officer and writing to the landlord. And while the noise is somewhat lessened, it’s still a weekly thing. And we’re talking “lessened” as in our house no longer vibrates every time they karaoke, but yes, they are still karaoking. On top of that, since the weather has finally turned nice, they have taken to blaring Vietnamese pop music from the house sound system to the backyard while 10-30 of them gather every weekend to smoke and drink and be complete inconsiderate assholes. They have a car port behind their house which means their cars are all surrounding them as they hang out- sometimes 6-8 cars clog the driveway and the backyard as they sit around a makeshift table and grill, toasting with beer after beer, one upping each other in the volume department.

Are we supposed to be grateful that the noise isn’t AS bad? Because, fuck that shit. It’s still a nuisance, persistent, and rude. We cannot hang out in our own backyard if they are out there- the sheer volume of their conversation is enough to drive us away but then they add the music, OHMYGOD THE MUSIC IS SO BAD. I can’t even. Yesterday I stood outside my back door and filmed this 22 second clip of it:

Yesterday’s party started around noon and went past 8pm. We finally retreated to the basement living room to eat our dinner and watch TV so we could drown out the noise. Upstairs is the worst when they are partying and then our bedroom- even in the basement we can hear it because our bedroom window looks out onto their driveway and living room window. We called the cops around 7 when they started doing a sing along in the backyard. Someone pulled out an acoustic and they were kumbaya-ing in Vietnamese. A little bit later they cranked the karaoke sound system up because WHY NOT?

When we call the cops before 10pm, the dispatcher reminds us that the noise ordinance doesn’t go into effect until 10 but our Community Officer told us to call regardless. The cops will only come out if they aren’t busy. The last two times we’ve called, we didn’t speak to cops so we’re not certain they came by but the noise level lessened. Because they have turned down the bass, the noise level might not be as bad for other neighbors as it is for us now. There is no one sharing their yard from the back (the house is vacant) and we haven’t met the neighbors on the other side.

Maybe you’re tired of hearing me complain about these guys but can you blame me for venting? Would you want to come over and hang out in our backyard for a cook out when that was happening next door? I’d be embarrassed to have anyone over! We were considering getting a new fence put in but with them as our neighbors, why pour the money into it when we can’t go out into our own yard and enjoy it?

I’m calling our Community Officer again, talking to a lawyer friend about drafting a strongly worded letter, and writing again to the landlord but this time sending the first letter and the new letter certified mail to ensure it’s getting to her. I’m sick of feeling stressed out in my own house because of these inconsiderate dickheads.


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  1. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? I mean, honestly- who has the luxury of spending this much time partying / singing / grilling / whatever!? I think we’re pretty social folks, Chris and I – and we have people over MAYBE once every 3 weeks. (And then we do things that have never resulted in a noise complaint when our guests ARE there!) I DEMAND THESE PEOPLE EXPLAIN THEMSELVES. And then move out.

  2. I can completely relate to your frustration. And I hope that all of your efforts to deal with it end up with them living in the land of “loud crappy singing music that never ends” where no one else can hear them.

  3. Slash their tires every time the music gets too loud? And keep doing it until they make the connection that loud noise = flat tires. I know, you’d never do that (and neither would I), but it seems so damn appropriate in this situation. Ugh, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. When I was having issues with a former landlord, I sent a strongly worded letter and made sure to write “cc: [name of attorney], esquire” at the bottom, so the recipients were clear I was working with an attorney. When the landlord wasn’t compliant, my attorney friend sent a strongly worded letter on company letterhead. It was amazing how quickly my landlord returned my security deposit after that. I don’t know if you have any sort of legal case, but if you do, I would think the threat of litigation might turn up the flame under someone’s ass.

  4. What the hell? As much as I hate HOAs, do you all have one? Because that clearly has to be in violation of some rule. And screw that shit that the noise ordinance doesn’t go in effect until 10pm. Definitely keep track of all the noise (time/date) and who you’ve contacted and when because it will help when you send your next letter. Ugh, I’m so sorry. Shitty neighbors are the worst.

  5. That’s insanely annoying.
    Lately we have had a few issues with some neighbors near us (different kind of issues) and it’s so annoying to deal with it.
    I hope that the letters and the community officer can it resolved quickly and soon! I would hate to not be able to relax and be comfortable in my own home.

  6. If the noise is really that bad, I feel awful for you. Close neighbors are why I hated living in a subdivision (luckily we only rented then). We had people over several times a week; not including the few days Ben teaches out of our house and if he had to use our space for his band practice. We always tried to be considerate of our neighbors and practice never went past 9pm (and we didn’t even have a noise ordinance in that neighbourhood).
    I’ve never understood neighborhoods that care so much about what other people’s houses/yards look like (yes, I know about resell value, etc.; I just am more of a “Do-what-you-want-harm-no-others” type of person). After my Rock Star’s bday party, a few days later one of our neighbours mentioned to me that he had “noticed all the cars that had been in our driveway Saturday night until VERY LATE.” Nobody ever mentioned any noise from our gatherings, but that irritated me to no end. I never complained to any of my neighbours about his/her/their kids yelling/screaming all day long, I never complained about incredibly loud yard work being done at 7am; I didn’t even complain the week everyone around our house got their houses re-roofed (that is probably the most noise I’ve ever heard anywhere).

    I guess what I’m saying is the karaoke thing is fucking ridiculous and there is no reason a small group of people should be that loud (I know as we have lived that way for 10 years), but people parking in their yard, and sitting in the carport during the daytime is just part of living in a tightly packed neighbourhood. (Although…since you live in an area with a noise ordinance, I would assume your other neighbours and your “community guards” would be more helpful in trying to fix the problem…)

  7. It’s a cultural thing here in Phoenix…my nail lady is Vietnamese and she says her family does the same karaoke parties every weekend too 😦

  8. U need a neighbor on the other side of them like (think Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino)…..yeah, get one of those types to move in somewhere on your street to take care of business 😀

  9. When we had drunk crazy upstairs neighbor, I thought I was going to go out of my everloving MIND. It’s like water torture…drip, drip, drip! It gets to be that even the smallest noise starts to set you off. UGH. So been there. I’m sorry!!!

  10. I’d go all Soprano’s on them- remember when they had a boat anchored outside that house that blared Sinatra? I’d be playing Nine Inch Nails at 6 a.m. right into their bedroom window. I’d blast metal music ALL DAY LONG. For as many days as it took for them to get the message. I’d be right in my backyard making more noise than they were during there parties. Yep, I’d sink right to their level to make a fricking point. Enough is enough!

  11. Can you take them to court with all of your evidence? What about calling your local news channel and have them run a story on it? Can you get all of your neighbors involved and have them sign a petition? I feel so bad for you guys. I wish I had an answer!

  12. What I’m sick of is these dicks being so damn inconsiderate. Un-freakin-believable. Keep recording them and keep that evidence handy. Also if you know someone who has a better camera/microphone, also borrow that and record it. Enough is enough already.

  13. I would pop my own eardrums if I had to listen to that all the time. Eesh… If only you could somehow tap into their fuse box and blow the switches every time they started karaokeing or playing their music too loud…

  14. We’re not sick of you talking about it. And I think you should write a letter. You cannot enjoy your home when they are doing this. Hearing loud music or loud noises when I am trying to relax in my home makes me FURIOUS. Especially when the people think YOU are being the a-hole. Sigh. Keep fighting!

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