Kaply Has Left The Building

Those of you that have been reading for a while have heard many tales of my friend Kaply. We first met because of a blogger meet up Dave2 set up. That was probably five or six years ago, not long after I had moved to Seattle. Kaply was one of my first Seattle friends and today she is moving to California.

For those of you who don’t know Kap, she’s the kind of person you want on your side because she will always tell it to you straight, stick up for you, and hide the bodies if needed. Being friends with Kaply has taught me about not caring so much about what everyone’s opinion is of me. She’s taught me to not be so uptight and to try to enjoy the moment RIGHT NOW because you never know how much time you’ve got. She’s taught me about keeping your sense of humor when everything seems hopeless because it’s never hopeless. She told me “feelings aren’t facts” and that mantra has saved me many times.

Kaply and I are very different but we laugh at the differences in that sisterly kind of way. For example, Kaply is always early for things because back when she was just starting recovery in AA she would show up late all the time to everything. I believe it was her sponsor who, after Kap was late again to meet her, gave her the what for about it and shut the door in her face. She claims she’s never been late again. I also do not like being late, so much so that whenever I’d meet Kaply anywhere and she’d already be there I would FEEL like I was late and this would drive me bonkers. One time we were meeting for dinner and I purposely arrived early. I got a table and texted her that I was there. She texted back that she was there too. She was across the restaurant from me laughing at my fuming because once again she’d arrived first. I can still hear her cackling over it.

Yesterday Mr. Darcy and I went over to help her load her truck which she and her aging cat will be driving down to California in. In true Kaply fashion, it was a comedy of errors. Yesterday was Seattle’s Pride Parade and Kaply lives at the epicenter. Add to that fact that 95% of Kaply’s Seattle pals are gay which means they were all busy. The rental truck place was literally located at the end of the parade route which means we drove around for 45 minutes unable to reach it and when Kaply called to ask how to get there given the situation, they told her that they were closing at noon (her pick up time) and that they had no reservation for her. WHAT?! After a couple of hours of many frustrating phone calls, she got a truck for today with a discount for their error. (Budget Truck Rental is on par with Comcast for their shitty customer service.) The truck is located 30 minutes away so a friend of hers is taking her there and other friends have been called into assist with moving boxes and couches and a bed so that she can finally get on the road. She’s promised to text us that she’s “not dead” because we’re all concerned about her survival. The largest vehicle she’s driven in years is a smart car. People on I5, beware of a lady and her cat in a Budget truck!

I love you, Kap, and will miss the hell out of you.

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