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Life continues to ramble on as I wait for the onslaught of doctor’s appointments scheduled in early September. I find myself crying at odd times- the day after I have my first session with a new therapist specializing in grief and infertility or in the office of my acupuncturist that I hadn’t visited since the week I found I out I was pregnant. And not so odd times- when a favorite song plays and my voice catches as I sing along, hugging old friends that I miss terribly, watching moms with their babies, thinking about how far along I’d be if. . .

We took a quick trip to California for a cousin’s wedding where I got to see, hug, and laugh with extended family, visit the ocean, drive across the Bay Bridge eight times, and see some of my oldest & dearest friends (albeit too briefly). It was a nice distraction.

My August is busy, busy, busy. First the California trip then this weekend, Portland to celebrate Jenny Two Times’ 40th birthday, then back to Seattle to ready our house for Mr. Darcy’s 40th birthday gathering on the 24th, then to the Washington coast for some, hopefully, quiet and disconnection from all the busy. I’ve decided I will rest in September though I’m sure the Universe hears that and laughs, readying a plan to thwart my best intentions.

So many of you have asked about the karaoke terrorists and I have been meaning to update you but part of me worried I would jinx it. We had sent a second letter to their landlord with some strong wording that basically hinted at forthcoming legal action if we didn’t hear from her and she finally called. She seemed reasonable and took our complaints seriously. She told us she intended to speak to them directly and that if they didn’t knock it off, she would not renew their lease in November. We also learned she has six people on the lease over there. SIX! Uh lady, that’s your first problem. All of them are under 30 too. And, when she spoke to them after our first letter they told her we were complaining because we hate Vietnamese people. No, but we do hate your raucous parties, blaring music, and complete disregard for your neighbors.

After our phone chat, we noticed a decline in gatherings and noise. There has been zero karaoke that we can hear and when they do have people over, it’s a lot smaller and less rowdy. Sometimes on Fridays and Saturdays it appears that no one is even home! Guess they found somewhere else to party which is fine by us. After months of enduring their nonsense, the peace and quiet is welcomed. Hallelujah!

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  1. Gosh, part of me wishes you could withstand your neighbor’s horrible parties for a couple more months, so the landlord would kick them out at the end of their lease. Fingers crossed they find a new place to rent closer to their new party digs … for your long-term peace of mind.

  2. I am so glad you can have neighborhood peace once again.
    Also, what landlord puts 6 people on a lease? That is just asking for problems, I think.

  3. I STILL hope they leave. Six people?? Good lord.

    Here’s to hoping September does end up being mostly quiet and restful (hey, one can still hope).

  4. A neighbor told me that at one point there were 9 people (students) living in the house next to hers, and they were able to complain to the county because the area is zoned to allow only three unrelated adults living in one house. This is not the case elsewhere because this is a college town (Bellingham) but it might be worthwhile to ask about zoning in your neighborhood, and if there is a limit, let the landlord know.

  5. So glad you enjoyed your trip to CA and got to hang with family. And I’m sorry that you had to drive far to see your new therapist but I so hope she’s going to help you through all this. Hang in there sister. And way to go finally quieting the neighbors!

  6. Hi Dear: Hope you have a wonderful, restful visit to the Washington coast. Such beautiful country. Happy Birth-Day to Mr. Darcy! And I actually was just wondering about the lunatics next door. Glad to hear things are quiet – er.

  7. So glad to hear the issue with your neighbors has quieted down. You’ve put up with it long enough!

    Glad to hear about your trip to California to see family. It sounds like it was a refresher and nice getaway from the past few hectic weeks. I hope September IS restful for you (I’ll send peaceful, restful vibes across the universe to you!)

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Darcy! I love the adorable headshot of you two at the bottom of your collage. He looks happy and you’re absolutely glowing. 🙂

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