The Cancer Chronicles

I was recently (July 2012) diagnosed with cervical cancer- specifically with a less common type of cancer called adenocarcinoma (because I like to be unique and apparently so does my cervix). I’m chronicling my journey through diagnosis and treatment in an effort to be present through this experience and all my many feelings and to hopefully help other people feel less alone in their own struggles.

Hi. You have cancer.

Conversations I Never Thought I’d Have

Marathon of Fear

Facing the Lion

Next Steps, More Hope

An honest answer to the question, “How are you?”

Letting the Light In

Trying Hope & Worthiness On For Size

Surgery, Take 2

Now We Wait Some More

The Doctor Called

I Have Things to Say & So I Vlogged

Feelings Are for Suckers

The Great Lesson of My Life

It’s a Christmas Miracle


5 thoughts on “The Cancer Chronicles

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  2. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?




  3. I just found your blog a couple nights ago and I’ve been glued. I’m 38, married, no kids yet because I kept putting it off because circumstances were never “perfect”, and on 2/11 was diagnosed with Cervical Adenocarcinoma. I was completely shocked and the rollercoaster that has ensued since that day has been nothing short of terrifying, exhausting, and life changing. I would love for you to shoot me an email so I can get into a little more detail as to where I’m currently at now (having CKC on 3/15) and where I’d love to be 6 months from now. Our circumstances are quite similar…..

  4. Wow! I feel like I just read my own story. Ladies, I was diagnosed in 2007, had 2 conizations followed by a hysterectomy.

    In 2011, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, also a “rare” type, and had both ovaries removed plus, my appendix, and omentum. I was proclaimed cured by surgery.

    I just had a cat scan on Thursday and a small mass was found in my abdomen. I am having a biopsy on Friday. If you would like to chat, please contact me at

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