Weekend Wrap Up

I was out on an errand Friday afternoon when the hair salon called asking me to come in 20 minutes later than my scheduled appointment because the chick before me was stuck in traffic. I said sure and continued on my merry way. Not ten minutes later they called again and asked if there was any way I could come in now, like in 15 minutes, which would make me 30 minutes early for my scheduled appointment. I said I could do that and diverted my plan to run another errand, heading straight to the salon. On my way there, I swear not five minutes later, they called again. I was driving and let it go to voicemail. At a stop light I checked the message and they were asking if I could please come in 20 minutes late like they originally asked.

That’s about when I wanted to call them up and be all: FUCK YOU PEOPLE. Disorganization really pisses me off. But I didn’t because my hair was on the line. And I am incredibly vain about my hair.

I called them back and said, “Look. I don’t care if you want me to come in early or come in late but what I need is for you to MAKE A DECISION.” And so they did and I went to get a venti iced tea (non-flavored!) because all this bullshit made me thirsty.


Saturday was spent in the company of women. First with my Mom and sister as a pre-Mother’s Day outing involving shopping, taco salads and buckets of sunshine. Second, with a group of super cool bloggers, all women, as we sat around on comfy couches talking about girlie things like merkins.


Sunday I cooked up brunch for my family and we strolled around the farmer’s market. Then Mr. Darcy and I napped and ate pistachios in bed because we are decadent like that. He took me out to dinner and I took him to see the one, the only, the superb David Sedaris. We got home in time to watch Iron Chef and eat sugar free pudding.

My life is very glamorous.

I love my life.


Dot has the sneezies. She sneezes like 3 or 4 times in a row. Most of the time on Mr. Darcy’s leg. I think she’s marking him.


27 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. Dottie actually will get close to Mr D? He must know some secret cat language. Well, Dottie language.


    • Dumblond- it was just some local blogger women that have become friends. We try to get together twice a year it seems. Some of gang out more often but it’s a good excuse to throw a party.

  2. I hope you said something to your hair dresser, kindly, of course. Or follow-up with him/her sometime this week. He/she should know that the front desk is messing with his/her clients and that very well could send some in search of another salon!

    The rest of your weekend sounds divine!

    • Nilsa- She apologized when I got there and did not charge me for the haircut portion of my appointment. One receptionist was preoccupied with her wedding (it was the next day) and the other was new. Still, not cool.

  3. Did you by chance see Saturday’s SNL (with Betty White)? It’s hilarious for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that I swear to Will Ferrell the show covered EVERY hilarious(ly inappropriate) conversation topic from our soiree earlier that evening. It was uncanny! Jen and I could not stop laughing.

    Also: MACGRUBER. (I might be a little obsessed.)

    Also: Iggy sneezes on my ALL the time. I call it “snarfing.” It’s the best when he’s being all sweet and then snarfs in my face.

  4. I’m sooooo glad you at least received a bit of a discount.

    But, hey, more importantly… how did your hair turn out?

  5. Aw, I wish I could have driven down to join you ladies!

    I agree with Kerri – you need to watch that episode of SNL. I couldn’t stop laughing. 🙂

  6. Man, I would be IRATE with the salon. I’m glad they gave you a discount! (Admittedly, however, I tend to get totally distracted with personal nonsense, so… yeah. I’d probably be even WORSE if I were a receptionist!)

  7. A few things: first, do you have a good hair salon? Do you like them, aside from their disorganization at times? Do they chop off your arm and leg in exchange for a haircut? Should I go there? Second, LOVE pistachios. Third, heard David Sedaris was awesome. Fourth, I wish I wasn’t in Boston because tonight is Central Cinema’s showing of freaking TEEN WITCH and I hope you are there right this minute. Fifth, loooove your day spent in the company of women. Those days are the best. I like to go home and give all my girly women Spice Girl nicknames (Wonder Spice, Oversharer Spice, Lush Spice and so on). Okay I think that’s all. Glad you had a great weekend!

  8. That salon thing would make me crazy. It actually reminds me of a similar thing my old salon did…except I don’t think your story ends with “then the FBI came and shut them down for not paying taxes” like mine does.

    It sounds like you had a great weekend though!

  9. Your salon is seriously screwed up. I have a famously low threshold for salon bullshit and that right there . . . I would have no-showed. Or I would have demanded 25% off (and not left until I got it) for tolerating three phone calls that obviously prove they care more about their own convenience than that of their customers. I once dropped a stylist of five years because he moved salons one time too many.

  10. Yes, hair appointments, television and a sneezing…wait, what is Dot? A dog or a cat?…a sneezing animal. That is so glamorous.

    I just drank beer all weekend. Now THAT’S glamorous.

  11. I skipped David this time around in an effort to be frugal. I just love him, and I think it’s great that you took the bf! I laugh so much and have such a genuine good time at his shows.

    I think she’s marking him, too!

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